Friday, September 25, 2009

Terracotta Pumpkin Fun!

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Today, Erin and I went to an Uppercase Living workshop. We got to make some really cute terracotta pumpkins - just in time for fall!
 Pretty much, what Uppercase Living is, is vinyl pictures, lettering, sayings, etc...that you can transfer to your walls, tiles, wood. Anything really! Today we took vinyl pumpkin faces, transferred them to the terracotta pots and the decorated them up with some fall leaves and branches from our yards.

A group shot of us all hard at work.....

Our friend Autumn cheesing it up......

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Despite the burns from the uber hot glue gun, lost pumpkin eyes and the general mayham that seems to happen when Erin and I are somewhere, we had a great time!  I even saved the day for Erin and removed the stickers from the pots since she HATES the feel of terracotta. Apparently it gives her major heebie jeebies to touch it. Kinda like the fingers on the chalkboard thing. Is it evil that I ran my nails over the terracotta just for the fun of it???

Finally Erin and I with our creations....

Cassie's School Project

Cassie had to do a school biography project on Bethany Hamilton. She is a surfer who lost her arm in a Tiger Shark attack at the age of 13. Along with reading about her, Cassie also had to create a poster board of her where the head is cut out. During class, each person had to 'wear' their poster board and talk to the other kids who were wearing their boards as if they were that person.

If she doesn't get an A for this, I'll be shocked! Doesn't she look adorable? LOL

And because this is an 'all about Cassie' post, I thought I'd share a few pics of her.

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 There ya have it. My beautiful girl! Now, if only time could slow down for a while so she doesn't grow up so fast.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Soccer Time!

Soccer season is in full swing. The boys are LOVING it! Jack runs around like a crazy man. All the kids on his team pretty much follow that ball around like a swarm of bees. Cracks me up!

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Jason has improved so much over the last year. He even had a header in his first game and he scored a goal in his second! I so wish I had good pictures of him doing those!

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The only hard part is that Jon is working nights right now so unfortunately, he's sleeping and can't go to morning games. Which in turn means that I can't be in two places at once. Even more lucky is the fact that the boys games have each fallen at the exact same time on different parts of the field. So on most Saturdays, you'll find me cheering for one son's game and then running to join the other son's after half time. At least they're having fun and that's all that matters!

Shark Team Field Trip to the Aquarium.

At the boys school, classes are divided up into 'teams'. Jason and Jack just so happen to be on the same team (although different classes - THANK GOD!). Their team is the Shark Team. As such, since the beginning of school they've been learning about sharks, the ocean, sea life... So today, the kids got to go on a field trip to the Pine Knolls Seashore Aquarium. The boys got to ride the bus. It was Jack's first time! He was so nervous. Jon and I were lucky to be chaperones for the kids.

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It ended up being a GREAT day! All the boys were well behaved. We had one little incident where a little guy fell and scraped his knee up pretty good but luckily we had Nurse Jon there to save the day! He patched him right up and all was right as rain.

The kids all got to watch as 3 divers emerged themselves in a huge tank that had 3 different types of sharks in it. After their presentation, one of the divers swam along the edge of the tank to show the kids shark teeth.

We then got to head over to a free standing tank that held sting rays. The kids and I were able to stick our hands in the water to touch the tank. They felt like slimy velvet. It was pretty darn cool! But I needed a lot of hand sanitizer afterwords.

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Here are some pretty great shots that Jon took of a Seahorse......

...and the Moon Jelly Fish:

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Finally, some silly pictures of us at the end of our tour. The only thing missing was Cassie. We'll have to come back and do this again with her too.

Here's Jason....



and Jon....

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to the Hammie Blog!

It's our cute little piece of cyber space. I've been thinking of starting a family blog for a while now to keep in touch with all our friends and family (especially those of you who aren't on FB!). After seeing a few of my friends blogs, I had to jump on the bandwagon and get to it!

Let me first start off by giving a little run down of the Hammies.

We're a Navy Family, going on 16 years. My hubby Jon is an RN with the Navy and is currently station in the ICU aboard Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital. We have 3 kids: Cassie, Jason and Jack. They keep up pretty busy.

Cassie is an 8th grader and full fledged teenager. Always keeping me on my toes and I have to keep reminding myself that I was once a teenager too. Never thought I'd be saying those words but I realize now how frustrating my own Mom had to have been with me as a teenager. I think I owe her a few thousand apologies.

Jason is our middle child and is very much so! He is my sweetheart and sensitive boy. Always wanting to do good and make us happy. He's in the 2nd grade and is playing soccer. He's already turning into my 'gamer'. If I'd let him, he would spend all day on the computer playing games.

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Jack is....well, he's the one that will give me gray hair! He's funny, quirky, into everything and always moving. He's also playing soccer and it's a GREAT thing for him. He needs to use all that energy up!

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As for me, well...I'm loving this 'Ladies that Lunch' thing I have going on right now. I am so lucky to have found such a great group of friends. We're always getting into trouble here in one way or another. I'm still into painting and I love going out for coffee. I've joined a few clubs here at the OWC - book, gourmet....just to name a few. I also still volunteer at the kids school. This year I'm in charge of Popcorn Fridays! Jon loves it!

So, that is us Hammie's in a nut shell. Welcome to my blog and I hope you get a kick out of it!