Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shark Team Field Trip to the Aquarium.

At the boys school, classes are divided up into 'teams'. Jason and Jack just so happen to be on the same team (although different classes - THANK GOD!). Their team is the Shark Team. As such, since the beginning of school they've been learning about sharks, the ocean, sea life... So today, the kids got to go on a field trip to the Pine Knolls Seashore Aquarium. The boys got to ride the bus. It was Jack's first time! He was so nervous. Jon and I were lucky to be chaperones for the kids.

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It ended up being a GREAT day! All the boys were well behaved. We had one little incident where a little guy fell and scraped his knee up pretty good but luckily we had Nurse Jon there to save the day! He patched him right up and all was right as rain.

The kids all got to watch as 3 divers emerged themselves in a huge tank that had 3 different types of sharks in it. After their presentation, one of the divers swam along the edge of the tank to show the kids shark teeth.

We then got to head over to a free standing tank that held sting rays. The kids and I were able to stick our hands in the water to touch the tank. They felt like slimy velvet. It was pretty darn cool! But I needed a lot of hand sanitizer afterwords.

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Here are some pretty great shots that Jon took of a Seahorse......

...and the Moon Jelly Fish:

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Finally, some silly pictures of us at the end of our tour. The only thing missing was Cassie. We'll have to come back and do this again with her too.

Here's Jason....



and Jon....

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