Friday, September 25, 2009

Terracotta Pumpkin Fun!

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Today, Erin and I went to an Uppercase Living workshop. We got to make some really cute terracotta pumpkins - just in time for fall!
 Pretty much, what Uppercase Living is, is vinyl pictures, lettering, sayings, etc...that you can transfer to your walls, tiles, wood. Anything really! Today we took vinyl pumpkin faces, transferred them to the terracotta pots and the decorated them up with some fall leaves and branches from our yards.

A group shot of us all hard at work.....

Our friend Autumn cheesing it up......

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Despite the burns from the uber hot glue gun, lost pumpkin eyes and the general mayham that seems to happen when Erin and I are somewhere, we had a great time!  I even saved the day for Erin and removed the stickers from the pots since she HATES the feel of terracotta. Apparently it gives her major heebie jeebies to touch it. Kinda like the fingers on the chalkboard thing. Is it evil that I ran my nails over the terracotta just for the fun of it???

Finally Erin and I with our creations....

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