Friday, October 9, 2009

Please make way for our VIP!

During the school year in each class, one child is picked to be a VIP. This week Jason was choosen for his classrooms VIP! It was a very special week for him.

Information from the school:

"When your child is selected to be the VIP, he or she will bring home a letter from the school and a biography questionnaire for you to fill out with your child. Please return the questionnaire and include a lovely photograph of your child. This information will be posted on our VIP bulletin board outside the cafeteria for the entire week. On Tuesday morning your child will be recognized by having his or her name called over the intercom. All of the VIPs will meet with the principal and the counselor in the media center to receive a special certificate and prize for being chosen for this special recognition. On Friday, parents are invited to join their child in the cafeteria for the VIP breakfast. If the parent is unable to attend the breakfast the child may choose a friend to join them at the VIP tables provided."

On Monday Jason turned in his questionnaire that was all about him. What he likes, what his favorite color is, what are his favorite toys.....those kind of things. He also was able to bring in a bag of his favorite 'things' from home that lets everyone know a little bit more about Jason.  He brought in his Dinosaur book, Pirates of the Caribbean Model Game and his Gromiti's (which are actions figures with cards).

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Tuesday he was presented with his VIP certificate and free meal for Logan's Steakhouse. 

For Wednesday, I had been asked earlier in the week to write a letter, card or poem about Jason that would be read to the class. I decided to write a poem. (I'll post it towards the end).

Thursday all the kids in the class drew him pictures and wrote him letters. They were all very sweet. I believe there was even a 'I love you Jason' card in there. He already has a girl in love with him!

Finally on Friday, all the VIP's and their families were invited to breakfast and they got to sit at the special VIP table!! Talk about the royal treatment! We each had pancake wrapped sausage, oatmeal and cereal. The true breakfast of a VIP!


All in all, he had a GREAT week. What a great program to let each child in the school  know how much they are loved and valued. Just like at home. 

Ode to Jason

There are so many things about Jason you should know - 
Like how he really loved to watch "I'm in a Japanese Game Show"!

There are things like his favorite toys - 
Lego's, Bakugan and playing Army with the boys.

He loves to play games on the computer, Wii and Nintendo DS - 
Star Wars Legos, B17 Bombers, Command&Conquer he plays with much success!

But the things I love about Jason, the things I love the best - 
Are the things you never would of guessed.

Like how he is so caring, so gentle and so sweet - 
Even when he's happy or sad, he makes our family complete.

With his silly laugh, cute little freckles and loving hugs, he's our favorite seven year old boy - 
He's always thinking of others and his heart hold so much joy!

So if you're wondering what kind of friend Jason would be - 
look no further than his smile and you'll know he's your cup of tea!

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