Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When good baking goes bad.

I was in a baking mood this last weekend. Starting on Saturday, I whipped up some Zucchinni bread with dried cherries and chopped pecans.
Now normally, I'm a whiz in the kitchen. But for some reason the Culinary Gods were against me and torture of all tortures my bread came out all wonky! I have made this bread the same exact way since my Mom showed me WAY back in the day. (LOL - Love you Mom!) Like I said, I don't know what happened but when my bread came out of the oven and I went to test it, it blew up like the Christmas Turkey from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

All that was left was a dense, chewy shell and a hollow inside. What the heck?!?! I have NEVER seen that EVER happen before. But I refused to be beaten. I wrapped that sweet, wonky bread up and took it over to my sisters house and proudly presented it to her. With LOVE.

Sadly, she doesn't like Zucchinni Bread.

Who knew?

I guess all Chef's from the Novices to the Expert experience off days in the kitchen. In order to rectify the situation, on Monday I decided to make some fun Fall treats for the kids to snack on.

So, I gathered the children around (Except for Jason since apparently, he had much better things to do. Like...being a kid and playing outside. How dare he?! Didn't he know I was convincing myself of my Culinary Skills???).

We melt some Day Glo Orange Candy Melts over my make shift double boiler.

Then when it's all nice and smooth and oh so melty like, we dip our pretzels in!

We then make sure they are completely covered in Halloween & Fall themed Sprinkles.

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And finally, we have our yummy Candied Pretzel Sticks!!!

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***Cue heavenly music****


But really, how hard is it to melt some chocolate and dip a pretzel in it??

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  1. Yeah...what happened to that bread? So weird! The pretzels look yummy though! A quick easy treat. =)

    Happy SITS saturday sharefest!

  2. It's okay. Baking is all about trial and error. Some great recipes are made by a series of trials. The pretzels looks yummy tho.

    Dropping by from SITS! Happy Saturday Sharefest!