Monday, November 30, 2009

Cassie's Birthday Part Deux!

Before we left Michigan, my folks wanted to give Cassie her own little bday celebration, complete with presents.
Although, it was still a day early Grandma let Cassie open her presents (we would be driving back from Michigan on her actual birthday.)
During one of our many outings, Cassie said she wanted her very own apron. So of course, G'ma wanted to get that for her.

Cassie also got a black sweater (almost exactly like the one I have) and black Faux Uggs from G'ma and Papa.

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The next day, which was her birthday, we had to drive 14 hrs home to NC. Poor Cassie. What a way to spend her bday. But G'ma thought ahead and bought Cassie gifts for every state we crossed into. It was very sweet and I think it helped make her special day, well, special.

When we finally arrived home, I had arranged for my friend Erin, to pick up an Ice Cream cake. Erin went the extra yard and put up a Happy Birthday sign and buy special plates and napkins.



Happy Birthday (again) Cassie! You are one lucky kid!

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