Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jill's Christmas Get Together

One of my good friends Jill, decided to have a small Christmas get together at her house for 'The Girls'. Everyone brought a dish to pass and a small gift to exchange. The gift theme was wine. Which, if you know me and my group of friends, is PERFECT! Not that we're wino's or anything but when we all get together, bottles of wine just seem to magically disappear.

Here's us, minus Jill (she's taking the pic):

From Left to Right, you have: StacEy, Me, Erin, Renee and Gia.

Here's one of us with Jill, minus Gia (she's taking the pic):

From L to R, you have: StacEy, Jill, Me, Erin and Renee.

Everyone brought a bunch of yummies to eat. We had humus, brie, different types of dip, buffalo wings, articoke balls and tons more. Jill also made Mexican Hot Chocolate. (YUM!) We sat around the dining room, drank wine, ate and just caught up on everyone's lives.

After everyone was stuffed to the gills, we poured more wine, and headed out to the living room to play Dirty Santa!

For those of you who don't know what this is, it is the game created by the DEVIL (Or Jill, since she's the one who made us do it)! Okay,'s not THAT bad. But, it is a stinker of a game. Pretty much you open a present and the next person can decide if they'd rather have what you opened or take a chance and pick out a different gift. I was lucky #1 to pick out gifts.

Unfortunately, Jill played dirty and took my awesome gifts.

Fortunately for me, I ended up with an awesome bottle of wine that I cannot wait to crack into!

All in all, it was a FABULOUS night with some of my very favorite girls.

But also, a little bittersweet. By this time next year, four of us will of moved. It was a wonderful night to celebrate our friendship.

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