Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Rosettes

When I was little, my family and I would spend Christmas Eve at my Dad's parents house. Every year, I could also count on a few constant things.

One - there would always be raspberry candies. I search high and low each Christmas Season to find these. I have not been lucky this year. :(

Two - Pistachio Pudding. Yum!

Three - My Grandma would make Rosettes.

I loved these Rosettes. Sometimes, I would be lucky enough to be able to help my Grandma by dusting them with powdered sugar. And of course, you know that there were red and green sprinkles in that. The best part was being able to eat one fresh from frying, covered in powdered sugar. Yum!

I was lucky this past summer to stumble across a Rosette Iron while visiting my parents this last summer. We had taken a trip up to Frankenmuth, which is a very cute, German Bavarian town.

There are many Bavarian style buildings, shops, restaurants. Each trip we make up there we always have to have some Bavarian Inn's "Worlds Famous Chicken Dinner."

While scoping out the bakery to the The Bavarian Inn's restaurant, I found the iron.  I was ecstatic and instantly vowed to make Rosettes during Christmas.

So that brings me to the 'Hamrick-Wilbur Family Christmas'. Since my sister and her family were leaving town to go home for Christmas, we had decided to plan a little Christmas get together, complete with opening presents, a big dinner and making Rosettes.

They turned out so very yummy, I thought to present you all with a step by step guide to our Rosette making journey.

Step 1:
Heat your oil in a large stock pan, with the iron in it to 385 degrees.

Step 2:
When oil is ready, remove iron from pot and dab off excess oil on paper towel.

Step 3:
Dip iron into batter. Do not go over top rim of rosette.

Step 4:
Place iron with batter into the hot oil.

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Step 5:
Batter will loosen from iron. Remove iron from oil and let the Rosette brown on one side.

Step 6:
Flip Rosette over to brown on other side.

Step 7:
When finished, removed from oil and immediately pat dry on paper towel.

Step 8:
As soon as your done patting excess oil off, immediately dredge in powdered sugar.

Step 9:
Arrange on a lovely Christmas platter and ........

.......dig in!

Creating new Christmas memories. It's a good thing.

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