Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zombie Game Night

For Thanksgiving, we took a trip up to Mom and Dad's in Michigan to celebrate. Of course we had to bring along our favorite game - Last Night on Earth.  My brother, Kurtiss fell in LOVE with it! Jon and I already have a strange, yet fascinating obsession with all things Zombies (Will they make a Twilight-ish movie involving Zombies? C'mon - you know that'd be good!!!) So we bought this game a few months ago and have gotten everyone involved in playing it. Friends, Family...unwilling strangers. It doesn't matter.

So one night while chill'n in Michigan, we pull out the game. It's actually pretty fun. For all you geeks out there (totally not me, btw) it's kinda like Dungeons and Dragons. You have cards that let you use weapons or make events happen. A zombie can lay down one card and you can cancel it out with another or help another towns folk with one of your cards. Sounds confusing but it really is fun. So fun in fact, that I actually got sick of playing it while there. Every time Kurt was over, we played. I should really think of getting that for him for Christmas. LOL

Here's Cassie and my Momma, enjoying the game......

A few more of game play action.....

Cassie is LOVING the game....

 Finally, my Aunt Kelly and Uncle Marty showed up to play some Poker with us all. We dragged Aunt Kelly into the game by kicking my Mom out (Mom couldn't keep up with us Zombie Geeks).

It turned out to be a real fun night. We finished up the game by defeating the Zombies (who btw are always played by Jon. Poor guy!) We then moved on to Poker where Jon and I ended up making money! It was a lucky night for us gamers!

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