Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TRON and Happy 39th Birthday Kurtiss!

I honestly can't remember actually going to see Tron. It was 1982. My sister was either just born or on the way. I was 7.   I just know that back around this time last year, when the first previews were starting to be shown for Tron Legacy, I started totally geeking out and vowed that I would be seeing this movie!

So when we all started making plans for Christmas, when asked what we'd like to do, I replied that I didn't care what everyone else wanted to do but I was going to go see TRON and that's all there was to it! Good thing my family loves me since they basically said that was good with them too. (We are a family of geeks after all - Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy, Charmed, Battlestar Galactica...yeah...I know...)

It actually worked out to be a good day. We decided that we'd have a family movie outing on my brother Kurtiss's 39th birthday. And what better way to see TRON: Legacy than in 3D and on the IMAX.  We didn't need use of our eyeballs after seeing that movie anyway.....

All I have to say is that I LOVED the movie! And I am totally going dress up as this chick here for Halloween this year.....

Is she hot or what?! Rawr! I could totally pull this look off!

And I'm gonna lay myself across our couch just like this:

By the way...does anyone else thinks he looks like that guy from the Matix?
Kinda fruity - no?

I ended up being super happy after watching that movie! Plus I got to geek out even more while watching the previews for Thor. But the best was watching Jack go totally ape when the preview for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 came on! I love that the kids get as worked up as Jon and I do over movies. Now let's just hope movie prices don't keep going up. It's no fun having to drop around $100 every time we go to the movies. UGH! And please - I am so sick of 3D. I'm good with old school movies (and the ticket prices that go along with them!)

So back to Kurt's birthday. After the movie, we headed home and made a stop at the liqor store. We had my cousin's Tara and Steven with us, and both Tara and I happen to be big ol' winos. The night before we polished off a bottle, and since Mom doesn't really have any in the house we had to stop to get more.  She ended up buying a cabernet sauvignon,  (which was very delish...for a red) and another bottle of Pinot Grigio (my standard).

After letting our popcorn and dinner digest, we broke out the cake and ice cream and sang happy birthday to my awesome brother.
Getting the candles on the cake...(btw - that's my beautiful cousin Tara there in the green! I <3 her!!!)

Happy 39th Birthday Kurt!

Cheesing it up!

  You got enough air to blow out that many candles stud?

My cousin Steven (full of teenage angst) doesn't think so...

I hope he had a great birthday! I know for sure that his birthday was a fun day for me! Love you Kurt and remember, best make the most of it because next year you're going to be

And we all know it's just down hill from there! ;)

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning just seems to come earlier and earlier when you're an adult. Remember as a kid, how you wouldn't be able to fall asleep? You kept waiting for any small noises to signal that Santa has indeed landed and was making his way down your chimney right now!

Now as a 35 year old, Momma...I gotta tell ya - Christmas is EXHAUSTING! Between cooking, shopping, wrapping, planning,  hiding and then throwing it all together, it wears you out. So Christmas Eve rolls around, the kids finally get to bed, and we have to wait up for Cassie to come home from her other Grandpa's Annual Christmas Party. By the time she's home and secured in her room for the night we feel that we need to give it a few more minutes before we can start breaking out the goods. So you know we didn't get to bed until WAY late!

Then of course, I can't fall asleep to save my life. It wasn't that I was reverting back to childhood and couldn't wait to open gifts. But I kept hearing every single noise that there was, thinking it was the kids trying to sneak out of bed to catch a glimpse of their presents. I know I had finally fallen into a fitful sleep because the next thing I know I can hear the kinds pounding down the stairs and my parents starting to shuffle around.

Jon and I make our way out of the bedroom and there are Jack and Jason just sitting around the tree. At first, Jack doesn't think that Santa came because this year, we had decided to put all the non-Santa presents out as we got them.  So the tree already looked pretty full. But then Jason starts pointing out ALL the santa presents and Jack goes into hyper mode, eager to get the party started.

But first things first. We gotta wake Sleeping Beauty (aka - Cassie) and make sure my brother and his friend, Eric are up as well. Then it's time to start the coffee.

We cut the kids a break and let them head downstairs to open stocking as the coffee is brewing. It is Christmas after all....

Jack eagerly waiting...

'Forget you all! I'm digging in!'

Jack looks like he's about to take down anyone who even THINKS they're getting any of his candy...Jason just looks totally stoked that he's got something in there!

Cass starting to rummage through her stocking...

Kurtiss and Eric digging in....

Back to the boys...

Whoohooo!!! Jack got more DS stylus's! That kid goes through them like candy!

Dad going through his....will it be underwear or socks this year?

Because I'm a good daughter (and I suffer the same), I am not posting any pictures of what my Mom and I look like first thing in the morning. Gotta keep 'em guessing after all. BUT, what I will post is this super cute shot of Mom's bunny slippers she had in her stocking....

Kurtiss pulling out his Zombie Gun....check out his bad ass face he's got on. You know he think's he's gonna be able to do some damage!

Everyone finally finished going through their goodies and we move back to upstairs to the tree. Because we like to torture little kids, we sit and make them wait while us grown up pour mountainous cups of liquid life...

Cassie joining in on the waiting....



Jason got so bored, he broke out his DS and started playing....

HEY! What s'up Cass?!

Kurt camping out his spot for the present opening...

All the adults finally got our spots picked out, our coffee cups filled and have given the go ahead to the kids to let the paper fly!

He's so happy! He got what he wanted! Gotta love that.

Who loves ya Cass?

"Oh my gosh!! Did I really just get this! Wicked awesome!!!!"

After about 5 hours of opening presents (ha!), the kids took all their goodies and started breaking into them. Jason pretty much spent the whole day putting together all his lego's he got.

Fast forward to dinner time. We had ham of course, with corn casserole and cheesy potatoes. Yummy!  Here's a pic of Mom's table scape....

Kurtiss's friend Eric also happens to be a vegetarian. We had some meatless meatballs, so Mom threw in some pasta and I whipped up some homemade sauce. Looked pretty tasty to me! 

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas. The kids we so happy with all their gifts. I don't think I saw much of Cassie after she opened up her iTouch and Jon after he opened his iPad.  As for me, my hubby spoiled me rotten by buying me these:

He also bought me a heat embossing tool for me to use for my card making. Along with about 10 different powders and stamp pad.  That man sure does spoil me! 

Mom also spoiled me by buying me a jewelry armoire. I had be hanging all my necklaces up on hangers and only had a small jewelery box for my earrings.  She also bought me a couple of pieces of jewelery to help me fill of that armoire.  I am a spoiled girl!

It was a very happy Christmas indeed!!  Made all the better by the fact that we were able to spend it in Michigan with my parents and brother (and Eric too) for the first time in a few years.  Nothing tops family.

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