Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

The thing I love most about Christmas Time is that it is full of Traditions. Everything that you do, derives itself from something you did or didn't do as a child growing up. I've noticed a lot of my family traditions revolve around food. Which, is probably a lot like most families (either that or we're just a bunch of pigs!). Of course our Christmas Eve traditions involve food.
I find that Christmas Eve, especially as an adult becomes almost more magical than that of Christmas Day itself. I don't know if it's because we're all in on some special little secret, or that we know that as soon as the gifts from Christmas morning are unwrapped, it's the starting of a bittersweet end to a season that just seems a little warmer in heart than the rest?

For our family, Christmas Eve starts with the unwrapping of one gift from Mom and Dad. We've been doing this tradition (passed down from Jon's side of the family) for a few years now. Every year, it's pajamas. I still don't know why the kids think they'll actually get a toy? But oh, it's so fun to see their little disappointed faces. LOL

Jack was none to pleased to see that all he got was PJ's!

But he eventually got over it and joined back in with the fun.

As for other Christmas Eve traditions in our house, we go back to what I was saying about food. There is ALWAYS a feast! On Christmas Eve, it is our tradition to feast on crab legs, buffalo dip and snowman punch. Makes for a VERY interesting combination. But, it is what it is.
The crab legs and buffalo dip actually started out at Mom and Dad's as crab legs and buffalo wings. Neither Jon or I are huge fans of buffalo wings but we've been making this chicken buffalo dip for a little while now and decided to make it part of this years tradition.

But there is also a final tradition that we always follow. After the PJ's have been unwrapped and our feast has been prepared, we watch 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.". We are NOT allowed to watch it before Christmas Eve or the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future will haunt our sorry souls for the rest of our lives! We set up a family room picnic of our feast and laugh along with Clark and his merry ways. This year, since the gift I ordered for my Dad was on back order, I sent him a very special shirt. Since we couldn't be together, I thought this was the next best thing:

This is my Dad, at their house preparing their version of the Christmas Eve Tradition.

Finally, just before we put the kids to bed to dream of sugarplums, we go to the computer to track where Santa has been and where he's at now. We then tuck the kids in and Jon and I settle in to watch more Christmas movies, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Jolly Fat Man.

Merry Christmas to all.....and to all a good night.

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