Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm a dancing machine!

On Sunday, my sister invited the kids and I over to her house for some dinner, good times and DANCING! Her BIL Nick and SIL Brooke were also there.
When we got there, she fired up 'Just Dance'. A Wii game where you follow the dancer on the screen and learn new moves and dances to some awesome songs. So you KNOW I had to take some video of that!

So, sit back. Relax and enjoy the classic dance inspired by Elvis.

PS - might want to pause my music player before you start....Just say'n.


  1. That looks AWESOME!!! I want it! Are you doing this while kids are at school now instead of GH? LOL

  2. LOL Stacy I thought you were one of the kids! By the way...I recently received a "Beautiful Blogger" award and am supposed to pass it on to my seven favorite bloggers and YOU my dear are one of them! You can read more about it on my site. I apologize if you already have the award, I just wanted to let you know you're at the top of my must-read list!