Saturday, February 6, 2010

San Diego - Day 1.

I was lucky enough to have a chance to visit Jon before he deploys. He called me last week and said that he was able to take leave, but unable to come home. He told me to buy a ticket and get my booty out to SD ASAP.
I bought my ticket and luckily my Dad volunteered to come down to Lejeune to take care of the kids. I left on Friday, February 5th and got into San Diego around 7:30 (SD time).
The last time I saw Jon was about a month ago and I could tell from all the training and having to wear around some 60lbs of gear every day, that he has slimmed down! I almost didn't recognize him, lol! We had to wait for the buses to take us to the next terminal and I don't think we could stop looking at each other or holding hands or each other to save our lives. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder!
We headed to Camp Pendleton, where he was staying. It takes about 45 minutes from downtown SD to get to the base so by the time we got there, it was closing onto midnight, my time. After a flying all day, I was exhausted! I don't think I remember hardly anything of the drive there.
The next day we got up and it was POURING rain. Thanks El Nino. Way to time that one! We decided to head down to La Jolla, thanks to a few recommendations from friends who have lived out here. We absolutely loved it. From what we could see of it, due to the rain. We ate at a lovely restaurant called, "Brockton Villa' .

It used to be a beach cottage way back when. They are famous for their 'Coast Toast'. I can totally see why! It was DELISH!!!

My Blanco y Blanco (espresso with white chocolate)......

My equally delish hubby.....

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 After our awesome breakfast, we tried to drive around and take in the coast but due to the rain, it was nearly impossible to see a thing! We decided to head down to the Gaslamp Quarter to try our hand at a little bit of shopping.

"The 16 1/2 blocks of the historic Gaslamp Quarter are now the center of the downtown activity.  Visitors can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with an architectural mix from the turn-of-the-century featuring gaslamp-lined streets, brick sidewalks, art galleries, theaters, hundred of boutiques and retail shops, more than 100 restaurants, 40 bars and nightclubs, and many completely restored historical buildings. "

In the heart of the Quarter is an outside mall that has some wonderful shops. Unfortunately, it's an OUTSIDE mall. It wasn't so bad since there was a lot of cover from the shops and such. We didn't end up buying anything here, although Jon was tempting me with a new Coach purse. I turned him down, which turned into a good thing later on (and I'll explain why, once we get to that portion of our story).

From there Jon had expressed an interest in finding an Apple store so he could find an external hard drive for his laptop. So off to the Fashion Valley Mall for us! The first thing we saw when we arrived in the parking lot was 'Bing Crosby's Restaurant and Piano Bar'. If you know Jon and I, we have a thing for old 40's standards, not to mention 'White Christmas' is one of our favorite movies. Unfortunately, Jon and I were still stuffed from our fabulous breakfast, but we vow to visit when we come back.

After doing some window shopping we decided to head back to the hotel. Since both malls were outside type malls, we were frozen and my feet were wet. We decided that night to head out for some Thai food. If you all remember, we had a HORRIBLE experience at a Thai restaurant here in J-hell on our anniversary. (There was a cockroach in our water...among other things.) Because of that, we had gone without Thai for a while. It's a cuisine that both Jon and I love. So we decide to take the opportunity to find a place out in SD. Anything had to be better than that other place! Lucky us, we hit the Jackpot. We found this little whole in the wall restaurant called the 'Thai Table'. It's owned by a Marine and his wife. Come to find out, the husband is also part of the company Jon is with and will be leaving around the time he does! Small world!  Everything was EXCELLENT!

Our appetizer: Chicken was so good, I forgot to take a picture before we devoured it!

Our drinks......

Our Pad Thai....OH SO VERY YUMMY!!!

Me, during our meal.....

It was a wonderful 1st day in San Diego. Jon and I were together again and I couldn't of been happier. The next day was going to be busy...but that story is for my next blog post.


  1. So glad you had time with the hubs before he shipped out! What great memories you made. :o)

  2. How nice for you guys! I have friends that work in La Jolla and love it!

  3. I absolutely LOVE it in La Jolla. I almost wish I could move there if all the houses weren't on top of each other and if there weren't a bazillion people there.