Sunday, February 7, 2010

San Diego - Day2, Part 1

Our second day together in SD, was an early start. We were up and out of the hotel by 7:30am. We hit the base coffee shop, 'Coffee Beans' for caramel lattes and off we went to the San Diego Zoo.
Now I should mention that SD is NOTHING like J-Hell. It's very hilly with views of the mountains in the distance and highways that run along the coast. Most of drive from Camp Pendleton to San Diego is a cluttered view of houses, town homes, stores and shops. All bundled together to fit in as much as possible. Beautiful but cluttered. You're pretty much guaranteed to find anything you need, except for Dunkin' Doughnuts. Can you believe there are no DD's on the west coast? Crazy. But I saw it on the news out there and you know that whatever they say is the truth.

A typical view from our car. 

Sunday started off with more drizzle and we were worried that we would have another day of walking around in the rain. But luckily, by the time we got to the zoo, the skies cleared just enough to let a little sunshine poke through now and then. It was chilly but no so bad when you had a warm, goofy husband to cuddle up to.
As we walked up to the gates of the zoo, we were greeted by a pair of these awesome elephants.

Once we walked in, the first thing you see are the flamingos.

From there, you're pretty much directed to the reptile house. Nothing like getting a good look at a bunch of snakes and other various things that make your skin crawl to set the day off right!

Toward the end of the reptile house, we rounded the corner to find this AWESOME guy waiting for us:

A Komodo Dragon!

I have never seen such a HUGE lizard! I didn't realize that these Komodo Dragons actually were THAT big! I was seriously amazed by this guy. He was so cool looking!!!

After we exited the Reptile House, it popped us out to the  Gal├ípagos tortoises.

The one in the first picture is pretty large as you can see. These guys can grow to a nice old age. The oldest one  is seen here in the above picture (the very far left tortoise). She is 158 years old. Can you imagine that?! 158!

This is a cool Needle Nose Alligator....

Here are some various animals we came up on...

Up next was the monkey's, gorilla's and chimpanzees. Every time you come up to an area with the monkey's in them, they have a 'family tree' of all those crazy kids up so you can get an idea of who's swinging around out there.

But I about DIED when I came across this player! Who knew monkey's were such sexy lil' thangs!!!

This silly monkey was so cute playing and swinging around on the rope here until she got put in a 'time out' by another monkey.
Another, obviously older monkey came up to this cutie and took her off to the left side of this picture (there's a wall over there) and made her sit down. I guess play time was over!

But what I really want to know, is what is up with these gorillas who think nothing of us lowly humans and ALWAYS sit with their backs to the wall? Stinker!

 These guys are just awesome!

Look at him! He's like a walking shag carpet. Love it!

Now there's a special reason why I was really looking foward to seeing these guys. My mom had told me a little story about my Grandpa visiting the zoo, many years ago. He had said that when he was standing in front of them and that he could see that they could be distant cousins. So lets compare:

My Grandpa:

The Orangutan:

The similarities are astounding! Both bigger than life, both with reddish-brown hair, both pretty funny looking. Let's see if it runs in the family.......
I would say that's a YES!

Here are a few more creatures....

This one is so AWESOME. Half zebra (the legs), half who knows? But pretty cool looking!

This lovely lady stayed in this spot all day long! We had come back on them later on in the day and they were STILL like this! So lazy!

The incredible Panda!
What an exciting animal to see! The panda just recently had a baby a few months ago, but unfortunately he was not out today. But we got a good look at Mama.

After our Panda experience, we came found this guy:
Funny story about him. While we were standing there watching him pace, I noticed he had his eye on something. He would circle, jump up on the ledge (like in the picture above), walk the ledge hop down and repeat. Quickly.
Come to find out, he was watching a family with 3 kids. I stood there and watched as he basically stalked one of the kids, a boy a little older than Jason. As the family moved up closer, this leopard would make this loop until the boy was right up to the front of his habitat. At that point the leopard ran up to the front and just stared at this kid. I don't know if the family realized it or not but if that leopard could of gotten out, I think that kid would of been lunch!
This is him looking at that kid. Talk about freaky!

Well, this is where I'm going to wrap up my San Diego - Day 2, Part 1 blog. There's plenty more to come along with our visit to Balboa Park and then our second trip to La Jolla. Stay tuned!

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  1. What a treat - visiting the zoo and not having to chase kids! Love the "playa" monkey. :o)