Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

This year, Jason's class had a Valentine's Day Pajama party. They passed out their Valentine's to their classmates and then they did arts and crafts, while a Valentine's movie played in the background. I was asked to come and help that day and I ended up making all the kids heart shaped pancakes.

All this Valentine's Day fun inspired me to make my kids some Valentine's Day pancakes for breakfast for Vday. So the night before, I laid out the gifts I got for the kids. The boys each got their very own ZuZu pet (kill me now) and a heart shaped box of candy and Cassie got her very own heart mug with a Hello Kitty key chain and a heart shaped box of chocolate. I wrote them all little love notes and then I put a note on the table that said 'Don't eat you're candy when you wake up. Come get Mommy'. I should say here that the boys get up at the butt crack of dawn. It doesn't matter if it's a school day or not. So on the weekends, I'll usually get to sleep in for just a little bit. But on Valentine's Day, I didn't want them to dive into their candy first thing. I wanted to make them breakfast.
Of course, they didn't read the note and I woke up probably a half hour after they did to find that Jack had already cracked into his box of candy and Jason was rummaging through the pantry, looking for food.
At this point, I figured, "What the hell? They're already hopped up on sugar from their candy, might as well give 'em more". I then proceeded to make them their pancakes. Here's how they turned out:

Pretty darn cute, eh?

The rest of the day was an easy day. But I had a hot date that night! Yes, my husband is off serving his country (thanks country!) so me and Erin (who is also husband-less right now) decided to celebrate in style!
Earlier I had bought steaks and the fixn's for a yummy Espresso Chocolate cake. Erin provided the all the sides.
When Erin came over she surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and her girls had picked me out a box of chocolate! So sweet!!!

Oh, let me interject at this point that Jon did actually think ahead this year and ordered me this extravagant arrangement of flowers. But I got a call the day before from FTD explaining to me that there wasn't a florist in the area able to complete the order and that they wanted me to know that Jon did in fact remember it to be Valentine's Day and that they also wanted me to know that he was thinking of me and missing me. They read me the note that he wanted to send with the flowers and it was very sweet. Again, another reason why I just LOVE Jacksonville, NC. The options here are endless!

Back to the Valentine's Day dinner.... So Erin, feeling sad that my flowers ended up a 'no show' bought me a sweet bouquet of my very own. Then I proceed to feel like a dirt bag because I was so wrapped up in everything else that I didn't think to get her anything. I'm hoping I made it up to her with an AWESOME dinner and this:


Notice the empty bottle of wine. Yeah...we had a GREAT night with GREAT food. The kids all played and pretty much left us alone and Erin and I had a fun night eating our steaks, drinking our wine and gorging ourselves on Espresso Chocolate cake!

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day.

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