Friday, March 12, 2010

Feed Our Troops Luncheon!

I just have to gush and tell everyone about what my Mom and her friends at her work did for my husband and his fellow Sailors/Marines.

As my family and most of my friends are aware, my Mom is the 'Training/Communications Coordinator' for a state wide company called VG's Grocery. There's about 25 people who work with my Mom in the VG's Support Center.

A few weeks ago, my Mom was talking to Jessica, a good friend of hers from work about Jon's deployment. They got to talking about how Jon's deployment was affecting everyone, she showed Jessica and a few others my blog and pictures of Jon heading out to Afghanistan and his first few days there. Jessica had made mention on how they should do a fundraiser in the office and collect goods to send out to all of the troops.

Jessica then got together with another gal in the office, Heather. Together, they brainstormed and came up with the idea of doing a 'Support Our Troops Luncheon'.

The two of them put notices out that on March 12th, if you donate any of the items from the list of goodies I sent them, that they (as in Jessica and Heather) would arrange a free lunch for them all. But in order to receive the lunch, you had to donate at least 2 of the items. To everyone surprise, people didn't just bring in 2 items, they brought in boxes of donations!

To my Mom's surprise, there were over 15 boxes worth of items donated plus approximately $60 to go towards shipping costs for these care packages.

Jessica and Heather, passing out Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Making some yummy Tomato Soup to go with those Sandwiches.

Working for a good cause!


Patty (who is so sweet by the way) getting ready to enjoy her lunch.

Some of the items that have already been donated, surrounded by pictures of my handsome hubby and his fellow Sailors/Marines.

A few pics of everyone who came in to donate and enjoy the perfect lunch on a late winter's day.

Gotta throw one in there of my Mom. She's the Cougar there on the right in the red.

The Co-conspirators, Heather and Jessica.

Heather and Rhona....

And finally, my Mama. Isn't she beautiful?

So far, my husbands battalion has receive 4 of the 15 boxes. Jon has made sure to pass out everything to all of them there. They cannot wait to see what the next boxes have to offer. I've asked Jon to see if he can get some pictures taken of the guys and gals with their goodies. If he's able to get those to me, I will put them on the blog for all to see.

I cannot express in enough words how THANKFUL I am to Heather and Jessica, who took this idea and put it all into action. It's a very heartwarming feeling to know that my husband is not only being looked after by his fellow troops and family but also by people he only sees whenever we can make it home to Michigan. It not only shows how well my family is thought of but also that everyone who works at the Support Center would do this because one of their own has family members who risk everything to defend all of our freedoms. It takes people with large hearts to be so generous in their time and money and I cannot thank you all enough for everything.

To all who donated:

Love - Us Hammies

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