Sunday, March 7, 2010

They call me: Mellow Yellow.

What's a 'Single Mom' to do on a Sunday? Cook a big dinner? Nope, we're ordering Chinese. Clean house? Naw, that's what I have for.  Lay around and be a bum? Nope, did that the other day.

What I  decided to do was to get a bug up my butt and paint my kitchen wall.

Back in January,  friend Jayme sold me her white crafting table (that I use as an island).

I also bought a white 2 shelf cabinet to go against the wall. Between the white table, shelf, appliances and floor there was A LOT of white going on here. I decided it was time to paint the kitchen.

A before shot with the shelf and my ├╝ber white wall...

Are you any of you actually surprised that the color I picked is yellow? In the words of Shelby, "Yellow is my signature color!" Okay, not exact words but close enough. If you have no idea who Shelby is, you either have not lived in the south or missed one of the greatest chick flicks of all time. In any case, the actual color is 'Fruit Compote' and I got it at Lowes.

Here I am painting the trim and getting ready to have some fun with the roller....

It's ROLLIN' time!!

First we place the roller in this pan thingy filled with paint......

Then we get to rollin'... rollin'..... rollin'....

Come on wall! Take that paint! You know you want it!

It's a thing of beauty. It really is.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Two coats did the trick.  As I got on with the rest of my day, I started to notice how strange my kitchen looked with just one of the walls painted. So, the next day I grabbed my trusty paint roller and attacked the 'soffit' with a vengence!

This is the before of the soffit. In case you're wondering (like me) what a soffit is, it is that bit of wall above the cabinets. Who knew?! The things you learn.

And after.....

Sorry the picture quality is horrible. Jon has BOTH of our camera's over in desert land so I'm stuck for now using my iPhone camera. When's that deployment money gonna kick in? Mama needs a new pair of shoes. Oh and a camera obviously.

Now I just have to wait for my Dad to come back out (next week) to hang my Chalkboard back up. Apparently, it required double acting security screws that my little girl brain can't handle. Guess I'll be leaving that up to the men in my life.

So now that I've got my lemon yellow kitchen up and running....I am open for business! I've got coffee and scones!  But strangely, no lemonade. Go figure.


  1. So, when are we invited over for coffee and scones? Yummy! Seriously, it looks great. Bet you are loving it. But I did crack up at the first picture of you painting - it's your signature pose. Love it!

  2. "My colors are blush and bashful." "Your colors are pink and pink!" :) Looks awesome Stacy!!!!