Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Fun!

It's that time a year again. Time for parents to inwardly groan, while kids pester you about dying Easter Eggs. I remember when this used to be SO fun. As a kid, dipping your egg into every single bowl full of vinegar smelling dye. Waiting out the long, long minutes for your color to turn your egg from pastel pink to fushia pink. Etching your name in white crayon, thinking what amazing works of art you're creating. Not realizing that tomorrow, Dad will be destroying those works of arts while he chows down on hard boiled eggs.

But now, I secretly loath it. It's just like carving pumpkins. We all know who's really doing all the work! And I have to tell you, as an adult, it just seems like more of a chore than anything else. Of course, this could have to do with my obsessive need to micro manage things. But in my esteemed opinion, that is neither here, or there.
Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was today when I realized that as the kids have gotten older they don't need us to hover so much. In fact, even though I was dreading the egg dying, the kids did alright on their own. Imagine what can happen when you just let go! The best part? Seeing all their cute little eggs at the end. Almost makes it worth that horrible egg smell you get whenever you open your fridge.

Jack and Mads, working diligently.

Jason waiting for his egg to turn Electric Blue....

Typical teenager. Nice face Cassie.

Carly waiting her turn for the green.

It left a little egg trail. So not right!

These were Jack's eggs....

I think these were Jasons.....

Smiley face!

Such a cool design!

Jack with his egg that has a guitar tattoo on it. Rock on Jack!

Jason's dino egg!

And finally, Jason's fish egg.

They're all so cute! At the moment, Erin is storing them at her house in the fridge. She'll be making some Deviled Eggs with them tomorrow. Thank God! There's nothing worse than that rotted egg smell. I'm just glad it's in her house and not mine!

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