Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ever have one of those days.....

Yes, you can take the blonde outta the girl but not the girl outta the blonde. Case in point: This last weeks Gourmet Club.

My day had been CRAZY busy already. I had a dentist appointment in the morning, that I was asked if I could come in early to. So as I was busy rushing my kids, trying to get them ready for school and trying to get ready myself, I had to fix the dress I was wearing. Actually, I was sewing the cleavage area of this dress so that the 'girls' wouldn't be hanging all out for the world to see.

So it's 8:30am and off I go to take the kids to school and me to the dentist. From there I was going to the luncheon.
I make it through my appointment with just enough time to spare. I tell you, I was rushing all morning long! I pick up my second half (Erin) and we meet another friend, Jill at the house where we were having lunch. As were standing at Jill's car catching up before we go in, I look down and to my HORROR I notice that I STILL had the needle and thread attached to my dress from where I was trying to encase the 'girls' as not to offend anyone.


I had actually gone to the dentist like this. I'm praying that it's because I was wearing a trench coat and nobody at the office saw this but JUST KILL ME NOW!

Erin and Jill are hootin' and hollerin' while we're trying to find something that we can use to cut the string and free me from my embarrassment. First Erin tried to use the shear strength of her mighty hands to rip the string but that didn't work. Then we tried car keys. Still no dice. Finally Jill had some toe nail clippers and that worked like a charm.

But this was not to be the end to the marvolous day I was having. Oh no. As we go in, everyone needs to sign in, give our $15 to the luncheon and put a name tag on. Only, I can't find what I did with my $15. Come to find out after digging through my purse, that I DROPPED the stinking check in the ROAD! I do the 'walk of shame' out to the road to pick it up.

Finally, the Pièce de résistance came when while eating our lunch, I was trying to cut through some pork and what happens? I fling a huge pile of food unto my lap. Everyone at the table is laughing and honestly, what can you do but just laugh yourself. I'm sure everyone was thinking, "I'm glad it was her and not me!" Especially the girl next to me who is doing this quiet 'snort-chuckle' and probably calling me a complete I-D-10-T.

At this point I am so done, it's not even funny! I figure it can't get any worse and laugh it off. There's no use trying to impress anyone now and I just let it all go and hope for the best.

So, to anyone looking for a 'Glad it's you and not me moment", enjoy this picture of me in all my sewing glory.....

If you look closely, you can see I'm holding the needle which is still attached to the string, which in turn is still attached to my dress in the cleavage area.

Again, just because I'm now a brunette, doesn't mean I have forgotten what it's like to be blonde.

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