Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mom and Dad come to visit...

Both my Mom and Dad were finally able to come visit us girls.  Usually, it's Dad who comes to stay while Mom slaves away at her job, working for 'The Man".  My Dad is retired now, so that gives him lots of free time to come and go and get away from the Michigan weather. But us girls don't let him off the hook that easily. Usually we ALWAYS have some project or two to keep him busy or a 'Honey-Do List' a mile long that needs to be taken care of.
But at long last, Mom was able to take some time off work and make a trip down here with Dad. It's been since last July that she was here last and since November that the kids got to see her. It was a long over do visit! The kids were ecstatic to finally be with G'ma and get some good ol' fashion G'ma spoiling!
For the first half of their visit, my parents stayed with my sister Nicole. But we made sure to visit and spend time together as much as possible. In fact, one day to celebrate my sister's up coming birthday, we took a 'Girls Day' and went shopping. I let Cassie play hookie from school and we shopped 'till we dropped!  I ended up buying Cassie a very cute outfit for her school pictures the next day and I got a new outfit myself. We ended the fun day by having lunch at Mai Tai, a Chinese restaurant that was absolutely delish!

Cassie in her new outfit, ready for pictures.......

Finally, it was my turn to have Mom and Dad. First thing I did was treat them to lunch at Jesse's. I took them there to have some Gyro's but Dad ended up ordering an 'Italian Sausage' (no surprise there!) and Mom order......a cheeseburger.  But at least I got to treat them and we had an awesome afternoon together before the kids got home from school.
That Friday was my sister's Birthday, but before the festivities started for that evening, I was scheduled to run popcorn at the school in the morning. Being one to never leave anyone out, I allowed (ok, forced) my parents to come up to the school and pop popcorn with me. They loved it. Both Mom and Dad have an unnatural love for their popcorn and I have to say the school popcorn, when freshly popped is REALLY tasty! They got to get their fill of it and I got extra worker bees out of the deal. Sweet!!
Afterwords, Dad went with my brother-in-law Cory to check out his work and drive some big manly trucks around while Mom and I headed into town to get some Starbucks.

Dad channeling his inner G.I. Joe...

On the way into town, Mom and I kept saying how badly we stunk (from all that popcorn) and my Mom came up with the BEST IDEA EVER. She suggested that we just find someone to wash and style our hair for us. So after a stop at the 'bux, we headed over to Ulta. Luck was on our side and they were able to fit a pair of goofy looking, stinky Mother-Daughters in to get beautiful.

My stylist suggested I go for a "Hollywood Blowout". Not before your dirty minds go to after dark activities or seriously upsetting tummy issues, this is where the stylist dries your hair using a round brush and then leaves the round brush in your hair to cool and then later remove. My hair turned out FANTASTIC. She also parted it on the opposite side. I so wish I got a picture of it. I looked like a Hollywood D-lister wanna be. This is a good thing. Because most of the time, it's more of a J-Hell C-lister.

While we were waiting for our stylist we also learned that a rep from Urban Decay would be there doing makeovers. Mom and I figured, 'Why not?" and after our hair was done, we went and got our make up did as well.
Overall, it was okay. They did a dark green 'smokey' eye on me and a light pink/plum look on my Mom. Afterwords, we both agreed that it would of been much better if she had switched the style on us. Going light on me and dark on my Mom. But it was fun and that was all that mattered.

Here's a couple of Mom that I thought to take.....

Getting some shadow on...

Isn't my Mama BEE-U-T-FUL???!
We also decided it would be awesome to buy some really obscene nailpolish and go to town on our piggies. We ended up getting a sea foam green and a greenish turquoise polish. As soon as we got home, we did our nails and then got ready to head to O'Charley's for my sisters birthday dinner. (By the way, while we were gone my awesome Dad pressure washed my deck for me and cut out gnome parts so I could repair my gnome and Erin's gnome. Who's 'da man? MY DAD!)

Slapping some funky polish on.....

At dinner, the kids were obnoxious (with the exception of Cassie and Cameron) and all of us adults agreed that the next time we decide to do something wild and crazy like this, it'll be sans children. Then to top it all off, in the middle of trying to chew down a super chewy piece of meat from my Black and Bleu, I decided it would be super awesome to bite down on my tongue so hard that I might as well of pierced it. After that point, I could barely eat. My mouth was full of blood, I had tears in my eyes and my Mom thought she should take me to the ER. I sucked it up but Holy Moley! It hurt for 2 whole days!

Cassie doing what she does best...

The 3 J's: Jack, Jason and Justin. Do we have a sick sense of humor or what?

The birthday girl with her BFF Stacy (who flew down to surprise her! What an awesome BFF!)

The 2 C's: Cameron and Cassie.
(Again, we're all sorts of sick and twisted with these similar names.)

Cameron and I at dinner.... (why do I always looking like a flipp'n monkey?!)

The next day, it was the Kure Beach Festival. The weather was seeming to hold off. There was a 30% chance of rain for the day so it was mostly overcast but we were bound and determined to head out there and have a "Good Old Fashion Family Fun Day!" Whether we liked it or not. Which, in fact turned out to be a big NOT.
Okay, granted I woke up on the wrong side of the bed anyway but Jack was SUCH a stinker! He would not listen, was all over the place. I could barely control him and my frustration level was at an all time high! I barely enjoyed the first half of our day there. But after we had lunch (that we all packed so we could have a picnic), things seemed to mellow out. We took the kids down to the beach area and let them play in the surf and sand. It was wicked cold, but the kids were bound and determined to play on the beach and at this point, anything we could do to wear them out and get them to be quiet was good!
Highlight of the day was Mom, Cassie and I getting fitted toe rings (which hurt like a S.O.B to put on!) and getting some funnel cakes! YUM!!

Here's are some pics from our day at Kure Beach...

The boys playing in the kids area.....

A seriously cool pelican just chill'n out on the pier, watching some ladies clean fish, hoping for a nibble. (I was about ready to feed Jack to him!)

Did I mention it was COLD and WINDY???

G'ma and Papa with the grandkids....

Cassie and my Mama...

Sister's and their Mama...

Look how floppy and limp our hair was! It was soooo windy and nasty!

The Beach Boys....

On Sunday, we grabbed Justin and Cameron and headed to the movies to see 'How to Train Your Dragon". SUCH an adorable movie. Probably one of my all time favorite kids movies. Really cute. I walked away saying that I wanted my own dragon. Afterwords, Dad took all the boys back home while us girls headed to Walmart and bought the kids some dragons of their own. It was a good day!

Monday was time for Mom and Dad to head back home. It was wonderful seeing them and I am beyond ready to head home to Michigan to spend the summer there. I love my parents so much and I am so lucky that they can make it down here and have this time with us.

Up next? My brother coming down at the end of May! This deployment is going to FLY by!

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  1. Awwww, looks like you guys had such a good time! But poor Cassie - only girl with all those boys!