Saturday, April 17, 2010

My David Gray Concert....

This last Friday, I was finally able to go see David Gray in concert. This has been a dream of mine for such a long time. I first heard his music while I was working at Two Peas in a Pot (which is sadly closed now). I had the satellite radio tuned to the 'Coffee House' station. They play mostly 'singer-songwriter' type music. There was just something about his songs that spoke to me and I have been a fan ever since. I can remember a few years back, checking into plane tickets so I could fly out to London to catch a show. Of course, that never happened. But I vowed that I would see him in concert.

Imagine how EXCITED I was when I got 2 tickets to see him on his American Tour for Christmas from Jon!
The plan was of course, for Jon and I to make a date night of it and go see him. But that was around the time that we learned that Jon was definitely headed on deployment and I would have to find someone else to go with.
So there-in laid my deliema. Who would I take? Who even KNOWS who this is? Most of my friends have no idea who he is. Anytime I mentioned his name, I got a 'Who's that?"  But thank goodness for Erin and bless her heart! She said she'd go with me, although she had NO idea who he was at the time. She started listening to his music using her Pandora app on her iPhone, so she could get to know his music. You know you have a really good friend on your hands when they'll go with you to a concert of some person they've never heard of before and then sit and listen to his songs, just because you like them.
Finally the concert rolls around. Erin is moving and had bought a house in the Fayetteville area of NC. Which is about 2 hrs from our home here and an hour and a half away from the venue up in Durham, NC. Her and her husband Perry are busy moving their household goods and this weekend just so happened to work out with their schedule and mine. The kids were on spring break and they (Erin's family) headed up to their new house to start unpacking a few things at a time and get things in order. I was to meet them up there Friday afternoon and then we'd head to the concert and use her house as the middle ground. It was a perfect plan. An added bonus was that her hubby was sweet enough to watch my kids for me so us girls could go have a great night out, and it was in a house that had the bare minimum in it. I am and was so thankful for that!

The concert was FANTASTIC! It was EVERYTHING that I would hope it would be. Erin and I were blubbering fools, screaming, hollering fanatics, dancing and holding hand silly girls - all in one! It was such an enjoyable show and he was so funny and cute with his little British accent. I swear, he is so much more adorable in person! I wish I could of met him.

Oh - do you know that if you yell out "Liverpool", the standard response you'll get is 'Wanker!"? He had the whole audience rolling with that one. Of course he said it with hand motions and if you don't know what that means, Google it. (This is a relativity rated PG-13 blog after all...)

Here are a few pics of my dream come true night. We were sitting in the 2nd row, of section 4, seat 204-205. Not second row this time like No Doubt, but still very close......

Erin and I waiting for the show to begin....

The stage set up before the show....kinda gives you a better idea on where we sat and how close we were.

That's him in the spotlight, opening the show!!!

I was using my iPhone again as a camera (I really need an actual camera), so this was the only decent pic I could get.

Thanks Erin for being my date and although it would of been great to go with Jon, you are the next best thing!!!

PS - if you wanna know my favorite song ever by him, look up 'This Years Love'. Of course that is followed VERY closely by 'The One I Love."

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