Sunday, April 4, 2010

What the Flock??

Last night around 11pm, as Cassie and I were watching 'The Blind Side', I got a text from my good friend and neighbor, Erin.

Erin: Ummmmm...look in your front yard.....

Of course, this sends me running to my kitchen window to see what is up. It's dark, so I turn off all the kitchen lights to see outside. I'm thinking I'll be seeing some deer or possibly the crazy neighbors in all their glory but instead, I notice Flamingo's covering my yard!

 I decided to head outside only to find Erin was already out there snapping pics. Both of our yards are covered in Flamingo's!! We are laughing ourselves silly trying to figure out who the heck would flock us and cracking up over all the pink flamingo's covering our yard!

Now you may be asking yourself why in God's name did someone put Flamingo's all over our yards? Well the OWC (that's Officer's Wives Club, for you civilians) hold a fund raiser every year for Relay for Life, which is the signature fundraising activity for the American Cancer Society. If you find a flock of Flamingo's in your yard, you've been tagged and you donate money to a great cause and pass it on.

I can't really get any good pics since it's 11 o'clock at night so I waited until it's Easter morning to head out there to snap some pictures.

Stay turned for my Easter morning blog where you can find out what happens when you cross a Flamingo with an Easter Bunny.

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