Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's the Cam-Man's big One-Oh!

My oldest nephew Cameron, finally reached the double digits on Saturday. He turned the big 1-0! Woohoo! To celebrate, my sister Nicole threw him a birthday bash at Recreation Station to play a little Lazer Tag and arcade games. But to surprise him even more, we kept the fact that my brother was flying down for a vacation a secret from him.

Let's just say, he was extremely happy to see his Uncle.

This is the best....

After everyone for the party arrived, the party helper ushered us into a staging area to get ready to play Lazer Tag. There he went over the rules of the game and handed out our vests and weapons of mass destruction.

Cassie striking a pose with her weapon. Someone thinks they're hard core!

Cameron showing us what he's got.
Justin getting ready for some laser tag action...
Did I mention this was 'glow in the dark' laser tag? A fun picture of my bro and I. Don't you love my flower?
Hmmm....I'm not sure I like how these jeans make my booty look. But here I am, on the prowl for some poor unsuspecting little kid.
Uncle Kurtiss and Peyton...
I surprised the birthday boy....
The 'Green Team'. Of course, there's my daughter striking a pose. Too much like her Mama...
This is known as 'bad ass' Kurtiss. Of course, that's what he says but if you tickle his belly he'll laugh like a little girl so I'm not afraid.

Jason on the hunt...
Cassie getting ready to surprise her next victim.

After a few fun rounds of laser tag, it was time for pizza, cake and presents!

Cameron's thinking that he's turning into an old man. Look at all those candles on that cake!

Part of the kids goodie bag included vampire teeth and of course the kids went ape over them. 

Vampire Pey....but by the look of him, I'd say he's more a lover than a fighter!
My two oldest. I'm so proud.
I don't know about any of you, but this scares the ever lovi'n bejeezus out of me. I'm stocking up on rosary's, garlic and crosses.....
Looks like Justin is enjoying a stogy.

Happy 10th Birthday Cameron!! It's all downhill from here. ;)

~ Love, your Aunt Stacy!

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  1. Cass looks SO hardcore....I especially love the hairbow!