Saturday, May 1, 2010

J-Bunny's Surprise Birthday Lunch

Last week was our good friend Jennie's (JBunny) big 3-0 birthday! Since most of us would be gone on her actual birthday, Karen arranged to have us all surprise Jennie at Logans Steakhouse for a birthday lunch!

In order to get Jennie there, Erin (since she was moving) asked Jen if she'd like to go to lunch once more before she moved. Of course, JB agreed. From there it was all cloak and daggers as each of us arranged to get there without being seen.

Safe to say, JB had NO idea whatsoever. In fact, once she saw us in the back of the restaurant, she yelled out some explicit words. Words that for the sake of the children, I can't write on this blog but lets just say there were some dirty 'women of the night' words used! I think an old lady even fainted when she heard what she said.

Here's JB opening up her gifts from all her 'dirty *****" friends...

Are these mushrooms???

That has got to be the BIGGEST mushroom, I've ever seen. Apparently, JB agrees!

Mushroom Lov'n...

Opening up my gift to her....
And of course, it's a GNOME!
Another goodie...


What's in the box??
OMG! Are you kidding me?!?
It's a Flamingo!
Jennie and Erin....

Happy 30th Birthday Jennie Bunny!

The Birthday Girl with all her girls....
Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends! I'm so happy that we were able to get together and celebrate your special day and invade your personal space!

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