Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JPS Volunteer Luncheon

On Tuesday, the teachers and staff invited all the parents who volunteered at the school to the 'JPS Volunteer Brunch" held in the media center/cafeteria of the school. It was a day to celebrate all of us parents and volunteers that come in all the time and help out the school, the kids, the teachers out of the goodness of our hearts (doesn't hurt that we got to eat freshly popped popcorn though...).

When we got there, there were tables set up with brightly colored crape paper as table clothes and there were tables with gobs of food, which if you know me, was the best way to say THANK YOU ever!

Mrs. Perry (the Principal) started off the festivities by giving a little speech about how us volunteers are the bomb diggity.

Erin and I.

Me getting my certificate and thank you gift for being the best popcorn popper in the whole wide world.

Another shot of me accepting some cool pencils...

Mrs. Perry even made it a point to mention my husband and how she could find him in there with us girls every Friday, popping the corn. Of course, we all know it's because Jon loved to make his 'special' batch of popcorn. Extra oil, extra salt = Extra good! But she has always been impressed with the fact that he was there, helping us out. 

Jon's certificate for being an awesome guy volunteer!
Another shot, this time with his cup that had 'tear drops' that various kids throughout the school wrote thank you notes on.

While I was up there getting both my award and Jon's, Mrs. Perry made mention of the fact that the only thing that could make this better was to have Jon home to accept his award himself. I couldn't of agreed with her more and told her to use her powers as school principal to see what she could do about that. 

Erin receiving her award....
And Jilly hers.....
All of us cool volunteer chicks.....

All in all, it was a wonderful brunch and it was nice to be recognized for all the hard work and dedication us volunteers offer.

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