Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Last Gourmet Club Luncheon of the Year.

Thursday, May 6th turned out to be our last Gourmet Club Luncheon of the Year. Typically, every month we meet at someone's house to have lunch, where the designated cooks make our meals and a good time is had by all. But seeing how this is the last one for this year, it was decided that we'd all go out to a nice restaurant instead. We ended up having lunch at the Ice House in Swansboro. It's a quaint restaurant right on the water. Serves up very good 'Surf -n- Turf'.

Because I'm not a very big seafood person, I requested the Chicken Salad with blue cheese, candied pralines and cranberries. OH YUM!!!

Before the festivities began, Madeline (the President of Gourmet Club) wanted to thank everyone for being a part of it this year. And as a Thank You, we all got goodie bags!

In the goodie bags, we received a home made bottle of wine and our very own Gourmet Club Apron.

All year long, at every lunch we'd see a few of the cooks wearing these aprons and we would be so envious of them! We kept asking how we could get our hands on our own. So imagine our excitement when we got these in our goodie bags. The best part is that they have our name engraved on them! You're going to think I'm the biggest nerd, but I was so happy to have this apron and with my name engraved on it, that I actually got teary eyed from all the happiness! (It could of also been because I already had two glasses of wine....but lets just assume it's was because of all the love going around.)

Jilly diving into her appetizer....

Erin and I....

The three of us, wearing our awesome new Gourmet Club aprons...

I am sad to see this years Gourmet Club end. I have had such a wonderful time trying new recipes, mingling with new people, researching menus and dishes. My decision to join this club was one fo the best I've had. It's been so fun! Seeing as I'm a glutton for punishment, I have decided to sign up as the Secretary for Gourmet Club next year. It's a HUGE responsibility, so I'll be backing off of some other volunteer duties (like being the Popcorn Chair for the kids school) so I can focus most of my attention on this. Pretty much what my job duties will be as Secretary is attending all the monthly planning meetings, making sure each cook has a dish to prepare, getting recipes from whoever has volunteered them, getting said recipes to the cook that has decided to cook them, multiplying those recipes times the number of guests to make sure we have enough and writing out the menu for the day of the luncheon. But if you know me, you know that this is just right up my alley anyway. I can't wait for next years Gourmet Club to start! Wish me luck!

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