Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tooth Fairy

My son Jason, being 8 years old, is probably the oldest kid in his class that hasn't lost any of his baby teeth (Now, this isn't a *true* statement, as a year or two ago he had to have a molar tooth removed because of an infection in it. But we don't count that!).
That being said, this kid has a ton of teeth that are loose. It's just that his permanent teeth don't like to push those baby teeth out. For instance, it's fitting that he is on the 'Shark Team' at school because he has a nice second row of teeth behind his bottom teeth.
Sadly, this kid is going to be having dental issues for most of his childhood, if not, adult life. It all stems back to when I was pregnant with him.

While in Michigan, Jon and I and a few friends went to the local beach for a few hours. Little did we know that the water had high levels of e-coli that day. Everyone else was fine. Me, I ended up in the hospital for a few days on heavy amounts of IV meds. Obviously, I ended up just fine. But the side effect was that Jason was affected by the meds. I honestly believe that its these meds that he has had issues with some of his bones (he had a horrible case of 'nurses elbow' as a toddler/preschooler) and teeth. Pretty much, when Jason was around 2-3 the dentist that we were seeing told me that Jason had a lot of weak spots on his teeth. In fact, she had never seen that many in a small child. After some investigation, we decided it was due to the meds that I received. It weakened the bone strength of his teeth. At that time, he had to have quite a bit of dental work done to repair these weak spots in his baby teeth so they would make it until he was older.

Fast forward to about a year or so ago. Jason developed some weird abscess on one of his back molars that required it to be pulled. Unfortunately, that was his first official lost tooth. But because it was never 'loose' and he didn't pull it out himself, it didn't count. Now, don't get me wrong, the Tooth Fairy did visit to retrieve that tooth. But it wasn't an 'official' visit. More like a 'pity' visit.

So FINALLY Jason's teeth started to become loose. For a while there, his top two teeth were pretty wiggly. I had made a deal with Jason that I would give him $5, if he could get that first front tooth out in a week. He worked so hard on it, but alas....he couldn't do it. BUT two days later, after the boys came home from school, Jason was getting a snack and standing at the sink messing with his tooth. When all of a sudden we all heard this SNAP and CRACK and Jason yells out in AMAZEMENT and SHOCK - 'I LOST MY TOOTH!!!!!'

Now, if you know Jason at all, you know that my 2nd child is...well...he's emotionally sensitive. So we were all waiting with baited breath for the tears and drama to start. But to our amazement, he pulled himself together and actually was excited and proud of himself. As were we all!!

Here's my brave guy with his missing tooth...
Can you believe that this kid got $5 for this tooth?!

Okay, so you remember me mentioning that he is going to be having dental issues? Well, we also found out that Jason's two teeth next to his front two teeth never developed.  So, he's always kinda had these gaps on either side of his front two teeth. But with this one tooth missing, the kid was really starting to look like snaggle tooth.

Luckily, the other front tooth was just as loose as the first one. But this tooth got a little extra help by his brother.
The boys have gotten in the habit to try and beat each other into the van by being the 'First One' in. (Of course, EVERYTHING is  a competition with these two.) Only on this day, the boys collided and Jack ended up knocking Jason's loose tooth almost completely out of his head! I mean, this thing was just hanging there. Juicy pulp and all. So NASTY! Not to mention the amount of blood that was gushing out from it!
After mopping up blood, drying tears and giving the boys a stern talking to, we headed to Mynia (a carnival on base).  After we got home and I had made dinner, we were waiting for Jason to start eating. He kept complaining that he wouldn't be able to eat because it hurt to bite down. We told him that he should head to the bathroom and try and get that tooth out. Luckily, we had Uncle Kurtiss visiting and he actually went to the bathroom with Jason and after lots of encouragement, Jason was able to yank that puppy out! I had two very proud guys in my house that night. Jason was proud that he pulled another tooth, Uncle Kurt was proud that he got to be here and help one of his nephews with such a moment.

That night, the Tooth Fairy delivered more money to Jason. This time, it was only $2. I told Jason that the Tooth Fairy always starts big but ends small. He'll be lucky to get a quarter after he loses a few more.

Here's our guy, missing his two front teeth. Hopefully, he'll have those in before Christmas or else he'll be able to sing his very own song!

PS - See that second row of Shark teeth back there? afraid. Very afraid!

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