Friday, May 28, 2010

Update from Afghanistan...

For a while there, I would be lucky to hear from my husband for 10 minutes, once a week. He had moved to a new camp where communication was close to none. I would get a satellite call every once in a while, that if we were lucky, didn't get dropped or we could actually hear each other. Most times when I picked up, I could hear him but he couldn't hear me. The kicker was, that he only got 10 minutes for these phone calls and about 3-5 were spent calling me back. So when we finally were able to hear each other, we had to cram in as much as possible. There were no idle chit chats. We start out with 'I love you's', 'I miss you's', 'how are the kids'...move on to any pressing issues that needed to be dealt with and if we're lucky we could actually give each other a brief insight on what has been going on with our daily lives. The calls were always over way too soon and there just never seemed to be enough words that you could say to tell each other how much you truly love and miss each other.

The command over there have been dangling the 'wifi' carrot over their heads for weeks but finally, FINALLY they came through and Jon was able to get online again.

I have to tell you how awesome it is to see his pictures that he's posted. I have gone so long without being able to see his face or see what it's like for him over there that when I finally got to see what he looked like, I cried.

My silly husband had decided to shave all his hair off and go bald. I have to admit, it is not a bad look on him. Also, he's been really working on his fitness over there and he looks AMAZING in his pics. Of course, he's loaded up with tons of gear most of the time and you have all heard me say that I love a man in uniform, so it's no surprise that he is looking super yummy to me in these pictures.
But like he's told me a few times, that's pretty much all they do over there. Get up, eat, workout, eat, workout, maybe see a patient....rinse and repeat. Jon's in competition for the 'Most Improved Body' over there and he's been working hard at it. You can definitely see the results in his pictures. It's going to be so strange to see him again and I'm almost worried I won't recognize him.

We are a little past our half way point in this deployment and as much as that excites me, I can't let myself go to that happy place yet. There are still a few months left and if I start getting excited for his homecoming now, it'll never get here! So here I sit....biding my time and hungry for any information, pictures or emails I get from him.

I know most of you have already seen these pictures on my Facebook (or his) but to me, these are blog worthy and something that needs to be permanently recorded in the land of blog.

Jon getting ready for patient transport...

The STP (Shock Trauma Platoon) and Jon transporting a patient out to the landing zone for pick-up.

Just getting off the CH-53 in Delaram. When I showed this pic to the boys, Jack started yelling, "It's Black Out! It's Black Out!" (For all you non-geeks out there, Black Out is a Transformer...)

Jon getting thrown by a guy named Russ. He's been taking Martial Arts Training while there and I'm assuming this is part of it. Either that, or he really pissed this guy off and someone was there to take a pic of it.

Jon setting up some tents. According to Jon, "Actually, I'm just holding an extension cord. Everyone has their purpose, mine is to hold the cord."

Here is the view down Jon's "street" at FOB Delaram II.

The FRSS (Forward Resuscitative Surgical System) team, 4 surgeons, 2 anesthesia providers, 2 nurses, 1 PA, and 3 corpsman after setting up two tents and taking them down in an hour and a half.

So there's my husband's life in a nutshell right now. Please keep your fingers crossed that communication holds up and that all those men and women stay safe.

And Jon, if you're reading this - 'Je porte votre coeur..... I le porte mon coeur.'


  1. LOVE the bald look and I love your man! And you and your kids as well...LOL!!

  2. These pictures are most definitely blog worthy and yes my fingers will be crossed. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.