Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School's out!!! Teachers let the fools out!!!!

June 9th, 2010 marks the beginning of summer! The kids are FINALLY out of school and I can finally take a BREATHER on life. No more getting up at the butt crack of dawn to make lunches, lay out clothes and constantly corral my children into our van to get them to school. No more having to remind Cassie of what time it is so she won't miss her bus. I can sleep in for however long I want. I can make the kids breakfast without  worrying about the time. We can stay in our PJ's all day long if we want.

Sounds good, right? Well...sadly, the first full week of the kids being out of school has been just as busy as if they were still in school. Not that I mind, per se. But goodness! I have bags for the bags under my eyes. I've gone without a gallon of milk for 2 days because I couldn't find the time to go buy some. The kids are complaining that there's no food in the house (junk food anyway. Would it kill them to eat some vegetables?)
I think the best laid plans are always the ones to fail. So I'm realizing that I will not get any sort of relief from the everyday stresses of being a busy Mom, until I actually plant my feet on Michigan soil come July 1st. At which time I will put my kids into their bathing suits, throw them in the 'cool' tub and proceed to sit out on the back porch of my parents house, drinking sun tea and thinking about nothing except the casual fly that decides to buzz my head.

But this post isn't about my lack of down time, this is about the kids last day of school and more importantly, Cassie's 8th Grade Graduation. Let's start with that.

June 9th was turning out to be a busy day for my kiddies. At 10:30am, Cassie 8th grade ceremony was set to start. All the kids filed in and sat on the left side of the bleachers. Under a large 'Brewster Middle School' banner. There were speeches, awards and songs being sung. Finally it was time for the kids to be awarded their 'certificate of achivement' and move forward and become a 'high schooler'.  As the kids names were called, they came down the bleachers, accepted their award and then went back up the other side of the bleachers and sat underneath a banner that read: "Lejeune High School".

Cassie, of course having a last name starting with a 'T' was one of the last students to receive her certificate.

Cassie accepting her certificate. Notice the two rows of kids behind her. That was the remaining 'Brewster' kids.

Cassie with her 'High School' friends. (BTW, she's sitting right about the lady with the long brown pony tail.)

Cassie and her BFF Kharlin....

Cassie, Kharlin and her friend Sam.

It completely boggles my mind that I have a daughter who will now be a high schooler. Am I seriously old enough for that? When did this happen and why is time flying by so fast?! All around the base there are High School Graduation parties happening and I have been thinking to myself, that there are only 4 more years until WE are at that place. Four more years, and Jon and I will be planning Cassie's Graduation Party and getting her ready to head of to college. I would have a nervous breakdown thinking about it, if I wasn't already so overwhelmed with the fact that she starts 9th grade next year. Not to mention, DRIVERS TRAINING! Oy vey.

But regardless, I am so super proud of my daughter. She has had STRAIGHT A's and B's all through her middle school career until this very last semester. She ended up with ONE C+, in Algebra. Which as much as it disappoints me that she got that grade, I realize that I wasn't so great in math as well, so I give her the benefit of the doubt. I think this was a nice wake up call to her that she can't breeze through her classes so much anymore. High school will be, in a word, interesting.

Now with the boys, the last few days with them and their classes were pretty much easy peasy. They brought in games to play and just enjoyed those last two days of school.

Next year is going to be a big year for Jason as well. Here the elementary schools are divided into two schools. K-2 is where the boys are at now (Johnson Primary). But next year, Jason heads over to Bitz, where it's 3rd-5th grades. I believe he'll also start receiving actual letter grades on his report cards as well. Another stepping stone for one of my kids.

To celebrate the last day of school for the teachers, I had bought them each a gift from a company that one of my good friends, Jill is a consultant of. I had bought them both a insulated lunch bag from 'Thirty-One Gifts' and of course made them a homemade card.

Ms. Koerner's (Jason's teacher) card....

Mrs. Eve's card...Inside it says, "Thank you for being such a great teacher to my little monster." I thought it was clever!

Jack and Mrs. Eve.....

Jason and Ms. Koerner.....

It was a bittersweet day for me as a Mom. I had two kids who were moving on to bigger things and my kindergartner was no long that "kindergarten baby, stuck in the gravy". All my kids are getting older, and growing bigger which in turns means that I am also getting older. Just hopefully not bigger!


  1. Okay, several things. I LOVE the new blog layout! Where did you get this done? Too cute! 2nd, congrats to Cassie on her 8th grade graduation! 3rd, thank you for linking my Thirty-One gifts website and 4th, those cards are too cute! Love the little monster one. We have got to get together to make some more cards!

  2. 1.

    2. Thanks!!! :D

    3. You're welcome!

    4. You might have to come to Michigan in order for us to have time, lol!!!

  3. Amazing how fast it all goes eh?
    I keep meaning to get over here .. few things going on here as well. Ash just finished 8th as well.
    Sending our good thoughts to you guys; hoping Jon stays buff and safe ;)
    Miss you crazy lady!