Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Jack! (part 1)

Today was Jack's 6th Birthday! And boy! Was this kid in store for a big day! Started off with all of us (sans Mom, she had to work. Pooh-pooh on her!) headed off for a celebratory breakfast.  We ended up going out to Big Boys for some Mickey Mouse pancakes and chocolate milk. During breakfast, Jack got a special phone call from his Daddy wishing him a GREAT day and making sure he knew how much he loved him and wished he could be there. Of course, Jack being Jack was more interested in making bubbles in his chocolate milk and driving us all crazy than he was in talking on the phone with his Daddy. Good thing the rest of us were there to make Jon feel better about missing his birthday, lol!

After breakfast, we headed out to get the boys a hair cut. Both of them needed it pretty badly, but I still wasn't able to bring myself to cut all of Jack's 'Long Luscious Locks' off. No worries - he still is my little surfer dude. Just with a better hair cut.

After that, I dropped Dad and the kids off back at home while Cass and I ran some more errands out in town. For Jack's big birthday, we were headed to the Tiger's game down in Detroit. Mom had scored us some awesome seats and we all wanted to get team shirts. A few days prior to this, we had seen some shirts in Dunhams Sports that had "Jackson" on the back and thought it would be hysterical and totally awesome if we could all wear matching shirts in support of our Jack's "Big Birthday Ball Game".

Here's what they looked like:

Apparently this was much easier said than done. We had the hardest time finding shirts to fit everyone. Cassie and I both ended up wearing a youth large and I had Jason in a youth medium. The sad thing was that Jack - The Birthday Boy - didn't have a shirt that was his size. Mom had met us at the sports store during her lunch break (hoping to find a shirt for her, Dad and Kurtiss as well) and she ended up having the brilliant idea to have a store associate call another store to see if they had that size. Thank goodness they did and we made a plan to hit that store on our way down to Detroit. Sadly, we couldn't get shirts for Dad or Kurt. But at least they had Tiger shirts and that's better than nothing.

After all that craziness, we came home to chill out for a couple of hours before letting Jack open his presents and blow out the candles on his birthday cake!

As soon as Mom got home, it was a mad rush to open gifts, eat cake and load up the van.

Here's Jack with his baseball birthday cake and 6 candles! I can't believe he's already 6 years old!
Cheese ball!
Jack opening his presents...

Awesome! It's a Buzz Lightyear from Grandma and Papa!!!!
What's this??? Aww...Lola and Louie got him a Toy Story tshirt!
There's more?

It's 'Slink'!! Thanks Aunt Nicole, Uncle Cory and kids!

Whoa!! Who's the coolest Mom in the world to get him this???

Yup, that would be me! I'm such an awesome Mom that I forgot to bring this to Michigan (I left the first one in my closet at home) so I had to rush out and buy another one when I got here. Let's hope they'll take the other one back!

Jack getting ready to blow out his candles. He's so cute!!!

Did you make a wish?

We chowed down on some cake and ice cream and then piled into the van. We had to stop off at the sports store to pick up that tshirt, so we ended up picking up Kurtiss since he was only a few minutes from there. On the drive down, Jack got to open up his present from Uncle Kurtiss. He was ECSTATIC to see that he got 'Side Swipe' a transformer that he's been wanting for MONTHS!

Tune in later for the VERY exciting conclusion of Jack's birthday. There definitely were some awesome surprises in store that night. You do not want to miss it!

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