Saturday, July 17, 2010


My Mom had asked me before I made the trip to Michigan and while we were planning our list of things to do, what I would like to do/go while home visiting. I replied back that I really didn't have anything big that I wanted to do except two things.

1. Go to the Ann Arbor Art Fair


2. Go to IKEA

The last time I was at IKEA was when I was living out in Seattle. Even crazier than that, is I actually still have a gift certificate from the owner of the pottery studio that I worked at (Dancing Brush, although now I believe it's called Dancing Paint Brush....but whatever.) worth $30 that I have been saving all this time. Seriously, this GC is probably about 10 years old. So yeah, it's well passed the expired stage. I honestly don't know why I am still hanging on to the silly thing.

ANYWAY! Saturday morning gets here and we're up bright and early to head down to Canton, MI where IKEA is located.

Pulling into the IKEA parking lot. Yes, I'm a nerd and yes, I did take pictures. Are you honestly shocked or even surprised?

If you've ever been in IKEA, you know how huge this store is. They give you a map once you enter the building and direct you on your way. There normally are 2 levels. The bottom level is the 'shopping' level where you weave you way through different departments (kitchen, bath, living room, textiles...etc). There's also a children's day care area where you, the stressed out parent can drop off your children, get a pager and watch as your child drowns in a massive ball pit as you blissfully leave to wander the never ending aisles of domesticated beauty. Thanks to my Super Hero Dad, there was no need for the ball pit - he kept the boys home with him so us girls (and Kurtiss!) could shop in relative peace.

The first place we hit was the kitchen section. This is where I lost most of my money. But I was happy to part with it! I ended up getting a new flatware set, a set of 8 white bowls, glass containers to hold various pastas, serving utensils, a groovy colander and a yellow scrub brush.

A sampling of a couple of my finds.....

As we wandered out of the kitchen section our tummies started grumbling. We walked through a few more areas and finally decided we couldn't take it anymore and it was time for some grub! Which leads us to the second level....

The second level of the building is basically the 'Show Room'. You follow the path and go from decorated room, to decorated room. You get to see how everything can be put together and all the items are clearly marked with tags and location in case you decide that you need that item RIGHT NOW!

Also on the second floor is the food court area where they serve up classic Swedish delights such as Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberries. Like I had mentioned above, we were all pretty starving and so it wasn't until I was finished gorging myself on meatballs that I thought that I should of taken a picture of those yummy balls.

My empty plate. I ended up getting the meatballs with a side of lingonberries. They were so good! I was very tempted to lick the plate.

Of course, the setting lead to the perfect opportunity to snap a few pics. Here's Cass and my Mama....
Cassie took the picture before I was ready. So this is what you get. A half smile and a crappy iPhone picture.
Cassie scarfing down her chocolate cake.
After our lunch, we started wandering around the upstairs area. As soon as you're out of the cafeteria area, you launched into the kids area. Here I picked up multi-colored plates, cups, bowls and utensils for the kiddo's. I also ended up picking some up for my bossy sister who basically threatened me within an inch of my life to pick some up for her as well or I'd find a decapitated horse head in my bed upon my return home. Seeing as I'm fond of sleeping sans horse, I grabbed a metric butt ton for her as well.

This is where we wandered the noted path and checked out the rooms and furniture that was set up to make all of us normal people feel inadequate. The room designs were just spectacular and it makes me yearn for a home of my own (one that's not military owned or one that I won't leave after living in for 3 years). I can't wait for the day to pick out cabinets, counters, wallpaper....

As we made our way to the end, they started showcasing kids room. Here Cassie found a chair she just had to sit in. Of course, I just had to get a picture.....

Pretty much looks like an egg with feet, huh?

It was a GREAT day shopping and stocking up! We all walked away with something and I can't wait to get home and put my items to good use. Too bad they don't have an IKEA by me. Wait! I take that back. That's probably a good thing. 

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