Monday, July 19, 2010

It's my Birthday!

It's official.

I'm now 35.

****sigh**** I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I mean, I sure the heck don't feel like I'm thirty five and by the way, when did time start flying by so fast? I swear it was just a little while ago I turned 30! Time is SO unfair as you get older.

In true Mom and Dad fashion, I was awoken on my birthday morning by everyone bursting into my bedroom and jam piling on my bed. It was mad, beautiful chaos that was only made better by two boxers and one mini schnauzer deciding to get into a death match brawl in the middle of my bed with everyone still in it.

I had very special plans this day. This day, I was headed out to do one of the things I do best - SHOP! That's right. Dad kept the boys and Mom, Cassie and I hit the stores down in Novi (Twelve Oaks Shopping Mall) and proceeded to make those credit cards of ours SING!

I had a very successful day. Made even better by finding the grill pan that I've been wanting from Le Crueset on sale at Williams Sonoma! I snatch that baby up like it was GOLD!

Sadly, they're discontinuing my color (Citron) and I still have one more piece I wanted. So if anyone wants to buy me a 5 quart dutch oven, have at it! (Makes a great Christmas present!) Here's what it looks like:
 My Mom also bought me a beautiful purple cardigan at Express (those who know me know how much I love cardigans!!!) and I ended up with a handful of other goodies as well.

A little something I picked up at Pottery Barn. The corkscrew says, "One good turn deserves another" and the bottle opener says, 'Open'. 

After we got home from our shopping expedition, Mom made me one of my favorite dinners. We here in the family like to call this particular dinner "The Smith Family Special'. Mostly because we do make it a lot. I'm talking about Mom's homemade Mac-n-cheese and coney dogs (made with Kogels, of course!).

On days when time is short, we'll substitute homemade for the stuff in the box and coney dogs for normal hot dogs. But when it's something special, only Mom can do it justice with her mac-n-cheese. Nothing says 'I'm home and my Mommy loves me" like Mom's mac-n-cheese!

Getting ready to chow down on my Koegel Hot Dogs!

Me with my feast!

Mmmm....Mom's Mac-n-cheese.....sooooo gooooooood!

My brother giving his sis at birthday kiss. He loves me!
Giving the parentals some lovin'!
After dinner, we passed sometime while we let the food settle before it was time for cake!
We ended up playing a rocking hand of gin-rummy and luck was my lady that day because I kicked everyone's butt!
Me with my birthday cake!
Haha! Getting in the biggest breath I can to blow out all those candles!
Reading my card from Jason....
Jason got me a locket and matching earrings....awwwww!
Jack's card. It says, " I love you and will never forget you." OMG! Too funny!
Back of Jack's card.....

Cassie's card to me.
She also got me a ceramic Starbucks mug with a gift card inside! Perfect!!!!
My brother's card to me. He put in 35 dollars! Cracked me up!
Mom and Dad got me a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi the following week and BOY! Did my tooties need it!
Mom also got me my very own shirt!

Thanks Mom for making this a GREAT birthday. Not too shabby for turning 35. Besides, we all just start counting backwards from here on out, right?

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  1. Awww.....looks like you had a great birthday! I still have to give you your present but first I have to find it in all this mess of mine! LOL!