Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jack's Baseball Birthday! (part 2)

So, Jack is one lucky kid. 
Here's how our evening at the ball game went down:

As we walked to the stadium, we all posed so Dad could get a picture of our 'Jackson' tshirts.

Walking into the main entrance of Comerica Park, you're greeted by this giant tiger (ya know...because it's the Detroit Tigers? Duh!)
Here I am with the kiddies....

Inside the park, they have this really great area where there's a carousel that has just tigers on it. Of course, we had to go for a ride!

We ended up having AWESOME seats! Right along the first base line. This is a pretty good view of what we saw....

Another POV ....

My awesome Mom had the best idea ever for the game (besides the Jackson shirt). She bought all us girls Tiger Ears!!! Aren't they adorable?!

The guys chilling out....and Jack really is happy about his corn dog!

Uncle Kurtiss and Jack...

...and with Jason.


My son is seriously CRAZY!

Jason and Kurtiss were very buddy-buddy that night. They talked everything from baseball to Transformers. I think it did them both pretty good!
I really have to leave it to my folks. They made this birthday for Jack a REALLY awesome one. I mean, if it weren't for them we probably would of just had ice cream and cake, opened presents are called it good. But Mom & Dad arranged for us to go to the game on Jack's birthday and then they also arranged to have this come up on the scoreboard between the 6th and 7th inning....

Dad and I had to rush to a different area of the stadium to get a good picture because where we were sitting there was a horrible glare from the sun making the score board unreadable. So while we patiently waited for his little 'note' to come up Mom and Kurtiss hung out with the kids in the seats.
As soon as it popped up on the screen, Dad and I started snapping away hoping to catch it. Thankfully one of us got a good shot. Mom on the other hand, had everyone around them in the rows in front and back of them sing Happy Birthday to Jack! Everyone knew that it was his special day!

Even more amazing is what came next. The next inning after his birthday score board came up, we were minding our own business, watching the game, looking for the hot dog and beer vendor when all of a sudden we all heard this huge CRACK! We all look up and notice that a fly ball was headed up towards our general direction. We sat there, dumbfounded and then noticed that the ball was REALLY headed for us. I remember jumping out of my seat and just being completely amazed that a ball was actually making a beeline RIGHT TOWARDS us. I mentally slapped myself for forgetting to bring the boys gloves to the game and watched as the ball sailed higher and higher and then began to come down faster and faster towards our seats. I reached out my hands to catch it. I was going to land right where we were sitting. As I stood there with my arms outstretched, I realized that that bad boy was coming down like a rocket and if I wanted to keep my hands from being severely broken it be best to tuck those digits back and duck for cover!

A second later, we heard it hit and we all bring ourselves up from the cringe position and scramble to find the ball! Now, there are a few different perspectives on where the ball landed. *I* think it landed in the seat in front of Cassie and I, bounced up and over our row and then rolled down to stop underneath my Mom's seat. Dad seems to think that it hit Mom's seat and got trapped underneath there. Mom thinks that it actually hit Jack's seat and then rolled underneath her seat.
All that matters is that it hit right by us!!

But the best part is that the man who was sitting directly behind Mom, was the one who saw the ball under her seat first. He reached down and grabbed it while we were all frantically searching for it. We all paused in our search, disappointment setting in. When he said, "I hear it's someone's birthday! Now, who's birthday is it?" Jack of course pipes in, "Mine!" Then this extremely nice man hands Jack the ball and says, "Happy Birthday buddy!"

Talk about amazement times a billion! Besides the fact that having a fly ball land where you're sitting has to be like a 1 in a gazillion chance, how often is it that a complete stranger, who has NOTHING to gain would hand over that ball to someone?

I just remember saying, "Oh my god! Are you serious?" and 'Thank you! Thank you so much!!!"  I think I've thanked that man over a hundred times that night. Clearly I made him uncomfortable after the first two times I thanked him but I was seriously awe struck by those two events.

Here's the birthday boy with his fly ball....

I plan on buying a glass case to put this in and put it in his bedroom for him. Hopefully the next time we go to a game, I can bring it along with me and maybe have it signed.

What a completely awesome birthday! I really just hope that Jack can remember a little bit of this big day of his. This is another reason I so enjoy writing my blog. It's memories like these that need to be permantely recorded so that the kids and I can look back and remember what an awesome time we had.

Finally, I just want to take this moment to really thank my Mom and Dad. Like I had mentioned before, this birthday wouldn't of been half as special as it was without them. Thank you for everything you do for my family and making this day something we will all remember forever. I love you!!

Happy 6th Birthday Jack!!

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  1. Just got all caught up on your blog. Seems like you all are having a great time!