Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cooking with Chef Erik (A repost with MORE pictures!)

As a member of the OWC, we get to attend these fun monthly luncheons. Most of the time, it's a 'themed lunch'.  And yes, I am now a lady who 'lunches'. 

Today was our first luncheon of the year and the theme was, 'Cooking with Chef Erik!"

As you can probably guess, it was right up my alley.

They had arranged to have the head chef for the O'Club demonstrate how to make today's lunch and well as have a pastry chef there during the mingling time frame to show us how to make Pecan Pralines. Also on his table were other desserts for us ladies to sample. 'Almond Joy' balls, chocolate covered pretzels, and an English Toffee candy. So yummy!

Here is our Pastry Chef using this super cool, (I want! I want!) laser thermometer! This is the best thing I've ever seen! It's basically a gun that shoots a laser into the pan  to test the temperate of the candy (or whatever else you may be cooking). No more awkward candy thermometers!

I wonder how much one of these bad boys cost?  When I asked him where get got one, he replied that 'The Marine Corp issued me one ma'am."  Gotta love it!

Here's our awesome chef preparing the Pecan Pralines...

Melt in your mouth goodness right here!

Going over the praline making process...

For about 45 minutes or so before the actual luncheon started, all of us ladies were mingling, drinking and watching candy being made. So you know Jill and I had to take advantage of this and get our picture taken.

Another shot of us two awesome chicks!

After the lunch bell was rung, we all sat at our tables and the head Chef comes out to start with the demonstrations. First he showed us how he made Creme Brulee and then our main course, Salmon Wellington.

Chef Erik doing what he does best....entertaining the ladies!

I believe he was draining the custard mix of the cream brulee to get all the vanilla bean stalks out...

Explaining the Wellington...

Lighting that Creme Brulee up!

Here's the view from our table....

After the demo's were done and we were waiting to start being served, Jill and I snuck up to the table and took a picture of the plate he made.

The devine Creme Brulee's....

Our charming table set up. Every table had different cookbooks on them. And we all got to take home those cute little olive oil carafes you see sitting there with the twine and rosemary tied around them.

All the beautiful ladies at our table...

My plate of Salmon Wellington. In case you didn't know, Wellington is a puff pastry that is usually wrapped around beef. It is delicious! The seafood version wasn't half bad either, with a chive butter sauce, served on a bed of arugala, fresh chopped veggies and asparagus.

I seriously wanted to lick my plate.

Lunch is SERVED!

Next months luncheon theme is 'Western'! Time to break out the cowboy boots and hat! We're gonna go saddle us up some yummy critters to eat!

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