Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girls Night Out!

As summer was starting to wind down and all of us girls were preparing for the kids to head back to school, I thought it'd be a fantastic idea to get us all together and head out for a 'Girls Night Out'. One last 'hurrah' before we all got into the hustle and bustle of a new school year and the return of the 'busy'.

I chose for us to go eat at this new Mediterranean restaurant called Marrakesh.  If you know me, you know how much I love ethnic food. Jacksonville was more than ready for something other than Chili's and Red Robin. So I made arrangments with the owner to let him know that there would be about 15-18 of us showing up and to make ready! The girls were storming the joint!

Of course on that day, about an hour before we left it started DOWN POURING!! I picked up Jill and we made it there just as the rain started coming down in sheets. We were met there by our friends Jayme and Kristie and pretty soon, everyone else started trickling in. We filled up the tables and it took us all about an hour to actually look through the menu's and decide what we wanted.

I started out with a mint iced tea to drink and OH EMM GEE it was DELISH!!! I decided that everyone needed to order a bit of everything so between all of us, we pretty much ordered one of everything - appetizers and entree's.
Kristy and I...

Mylene, Tracy and Kim

Kristie, Jayme and...and...sorry Jayme!! I totally forgot your friend's name! I SUCK!!!!

Another new friend who I CAN'T remember their name and of course, Kristy. (I'm sure you'll be more than happy to remind me, right Kristy???)

Beef Shawarma (my dish). I've only ever had Chicken Shawarma, so this was something new to me!

Stuffed Grape Leaves - Rice, Ground Beef, diced Tomatoes, chopped Parsley and onions mixed with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice, spices and cooked with fresh lemons and lemon juice and then rolled into a Grape Leaf.


Feta Cheese - Served with Olives, Parsley, Olive Oil and Pita Bread.

I believe this is "Fattoush Salad' (if I'm wrong ladies, please correct me!). Diced tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, chopped parsley, onions and mixed with lemon juice and olive oil.

Falafal...."Fried patties of Chick Peas mixed with spices and vegtables'. YUM!!!

Another version of Beef Shawarma...

My kooky friend Kristy had ordered the Lamb Chops. Which by the way is what I'm getting the next time I'm in. SOOOOO GOOD!!! But little did she know that on the side of her chops, was a little paste of red evilness. She dipped a chop in that evil sauce and immediately wished her mouth was some place cooler. Like...Antarctica!

She quickly gets a drink of something to stop the insane burning inside her mouth...

But ALAS!!! That doesn't work. Instead she stuffs her face with a pita chip hoping that the bread will soak up the toxic burn which has now embedded itself inside her mouth.  All the while pointing to the sauce and telling everyone, "IT"S HOT!!!!"

I look over to Kristy and tell her to suck it up and stop being a baby. In fact, I think she's over reacting and tell her . (Clearly the sweat that is gleaming off her body doesn't convince me she's telling the truth!)

"Are you kidding me?! Do you KNOW what this is going to do to my intestines? "

She then rearranges her plate, making sure NOTHING touches the EVIL RED SAUCE.

We are all stuffed to the gills and I declare that I cannot eat another bit!

But being the nut cases we all are, when asked what we're celebrating everyone yells, "Stacy and Karen's birthday!" When in fact we weren't but it was fun getting to blow out this pretty tea light.

I should also note, that during dinner we couldn't stop staring at the GORGEOUS chef (who also happens to be the owner, I do believe) in the kitchen preparing our meal. There were many times, a few of us would dissolve into fits of school girl giggles when anyone would mention what we'd like to do to one of them. So of course, being the obnoxious group we are, we ended up closing up the restaurant and harrassed the staff to get a picture with us. Notice Karen and I snuggled up to the head chef there.... I really wanted to pinch his butt but then I also wanted to come back to eat here again so I thought better of it!

It was an awesome GNO! We mentioned trying to do one at least every month. Let's hope someone can pull something together for September! I can't wait to see the damage we can do somewhere else.

You can read my review here----> Stacy's Thoughts on the joint.


  1. Hey Stacy I am going to Marrakesh later this year.. I will let you know how it is there..


  2. Where's the picture of you and me? I see how you are! Just kidding. This was great and I'll probably steal it for my blog. And BTW, Jayme's friend is Christa and Kristy's friend is Heather (I think).

  3. I am HORRIBLE with names! Seriously!!!!! Um..and Jill - I told you that picture was taken on my 'bad' side and that's why it's not up there. Nobody needs to see double chins. Eek!