Friday, September 17, 2010

He's HOME!

Pretty much from the moment your significant other leaves for deployment, most of us start on our 'countdown' until they come home. I had wrote before in a previous blog about how I looked forward to all these 'milestones' that would just bring me that much closer to having my husband home. But finally, after MONTHS of waiting, after enduring the last few weeks that just seemed to D-R-A-G by, after countless hours of prepping (both the house and I), picking out the right outfit, making was time for my man to come HOME!

Unfortunately, the time frame for his return just so happened to fall on what is probably one of the busiest months ever for me. The picture below is just a *small* highlight of my week. Doesn't account for running the kids back and forth to various sporting activities, grocery shopping, banner making, general bleaching of home, etc.....

Pretty much that whole week I was busy from sun up to sun down. Looking back, I'm thankful for it. It kept my mind occupied and my body exhausted. By the time Thursday evening rolled around, I was so exhausted that I was asleep pretty much the minute my head hit the pillow.

Back tracking a bit, I had the kids working on posters for them to hold up for their Dad at the airport and I worked on making a homemade banner for Jon pretty much all week. I had already ordered a free banner from Build-A-Sign that arrived a few weeks earlier. But this puppy was HUGE, so it was decided that it would be hanging on the fence out on the main road headed into base. Which is why I spent countless hours slaving away making a banner to hang on our house. (Special thanks to Jennie for the paints and Karen for help with the grommets.)

So...the BIG question is - Can anyone spot what's wrong here??? No...? Well since I'm not above embarrassing myself , let me just say that in my mad rush to get everything done that week, I guess I rushed the spelling of 'Welcome' and replaced it with 'WELOME"!

Honestly! Who does that?!!? 

I'm just going to pretend that it's German (Well-ohhm) and it was intentional. Yup. That's what I'm going to do.....

Moving on.......

The night before he comes home rolls around and it's the perfect time to go hang the big banner on the fence headed into base. Never having done something like this before, I was a little nervous as we made our way to where we would be hanging it. Lots of cars honked at us and the kids and I laughed and waved while Cassie wanted to disappear in complete horror.

After such an exhausting day, I was so happy to get home, bathe the monsters, put them to bed and finish up those last few things that needed to be done to insure everything would be just *perfect* for Jon's return. Trust me, as excited as I was, I was so beat that it didn't take but a moment to fall asleep.

6 AM comes pretty early, let me tell you! But that's the time I got up, showered, got my glamour on and got the kids out the door so we could meet Jon at the airport before 8:45 AM.

Luckily thanks to a little advice, we made it to the airport JUST in time! Within 5 minutes of us getting there, Jon's plane had decided to arrive early. He was the first off the plane and then everything became a blur.

Flashes of kids running and hugging their Daddy...HUMONGOUS smiles and laughs ...tears... kisses... hugs that didn't want to ever let go again... and long looks that said every heartfelt feelings of missing someone for so long that you did not want to stop looking at them to make sure they're real.

My sister and family joined us at the airport (although they arrive a few minutes after Jon got in. They forgot their camera and had to turn around to go get it.) Thankfully my sister was able to get some great shots of us...

He may have been in a hell hole for 7 months but he still came back a goof ball!

Jack's banner he made for Daddy...



I didn't realize when I took this photo to post on FaceBook that he was making this crazy-eyed look....a little creepy! lol

Once we got home and settled for a little bit, Jon started going through all those foot lockers he had been sending home. He had them pretty much filled to the gills with British Military paraphernalia.  Seriously - my garage is covered in confiscated British uniforms.

Here he is going through one of them with the boys glued to him...

 Most of the uniforms and other randomness that we piled up. Perfect photo opportunity!

Here's Jon trying on his new uniform he ordered before coming home. With the Ass-ghan diet he ended up dropping 6 pant sizes and for those of you who don't know - he won the Mr. HotBod contest out there! Combine that with him shaving his head, it's like I've got myself a brand new husband!

The next day, we had a soccer game of course (it's Saturday!) where Jack scored his very first goal this season! His Daddy has got to be his lucky charm. A little while later we stopped by the banner on the fence and had our picture taken as a family.

We then headed to O'Charleys to meet Nicole and the family for lunch and catching up. The whole time, I couldn't take my hands off him. I constantly had to hold his hand (made eating our lunch pretty difficult). It was surreal just having him there. I kept looking over at him thinking how nice it was to have him home. To have someone there to hold my hand, brush my hair from my shoulders, caress my back, make me laugh. I kept thinking how thankful I was to have him home when so many don't get to come home.  I hope that I've made him proud in how I've run the house and taken care of everything from the kids to the bills to the stupid maintenance that always seems to go wrong when the man of the house is away.

As for now, our whole family is just wrapped up in our own little bubble of happiness and content. Who knows when that bubble will burst and real life comes back. 

But for now, I'm taking it for all it worth.

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