Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's my Blog-a-versary!!!!!!

Happy Blog-a-versary to us Hammies!

I started this awesome family blog one year ago TODAY! I can't believe how fast it has gone by and I can't believe all the crazy antics we have all gotten into. 

Let me just quickly say that this blog is the BEST thing I could do for this family. Much better than scrap booking. Much better than relying on photo's to tell the story. This blog (after the New Year starts) will be turned into a family album that I'll have printed and made into our very own book to have and to hold. What a GREAT way to pass on the memories of our Hammie life. I hope one day my kids grand kids will read this and get the biggest kick out of what a dork their Great-Grandmama was.

So I just wanna give you all big, wet sloppy kisses and say, THANK YOU so much for reading this blog. Whether your my family keeping updated on our life, my friends sharing in our good times or complete strangers that somehow stumble across this in the vast universe of blog-y world, I am so happy to be writing and sharing our life with you.

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  1. Love your new signature! Where did you find the little birdie?