Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jack's 1st Soccer Game of the Season! 2010

Today was Jack's first soccer game of the season and as it turned out, it was the PERFECT day for soccer! It was cool and a little breezy. The kind of weather that just screams 'FALL!' Flawless weather to cheer your kid on as he slaughters kids on the playing field!

This year Jack is on the Islanders.

(Every time I say that, I feel like I should braid his hair, put some beads in it and instruct him to say, 'Ya man' whenever someone asks him anything.)

Jack keeping his eye on that ball! He's an animal on the field!

He had a GREAT game and their team won! Even better yet, he has one of his very best buds as a team mate. Life is good for my Jack Attack!

Jack and Zach - The Terrible Twosome!

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