Thursday, September 2, 2010

There's a hurricane ah comin'!

For about a week now, the local news channels around here have been tracking an upcoming hurricane.

Hurricane Earl

As the days passed, it became even more clear that his track was going to be crossing us here in Camp Lejeune. It was just a matter of how close this bad boy was going to be to us that had the whole area up in a tizzy.

You know, the 'Quick! Buy all the bread, water and batteries you can get your hands on!" type of tizzy.

Towards the beginning of the week, we knew that Earl was supposed to hit us Thursday during the night. All sorts of rumors were swirling. They were going to close, school would only be closed for 2 was going to hit us dead, it was just going to brush on by us...they would shut off power on base instead of waiting until transformers blew...water would be contaminated... they were going to shut down the base...You name it, we heard it. I had no idea what to really expect and I figured I would rather be safe than sorry. So I had run out one day while the kids were in school and yes, I did stock up on water...and bread...and yes, even batteries. BUT - I did this in plenty of time so I wasn't fighting the crazies the day before.

On Thursday, we wake up to an overcast and cloudy day. But, there really wasn't any time to think about it. I had the Officer's Wives Club (OWC) 'Welcome Aboard' to go to (I was helping Jilly with the membership table) and Jill need help with her 50's inspired hair. (I didn't dress up, I was just there to help!)

Look how cute she is! 

Anyhow, the event lasted most of the day. By the time I got home, we had about an hour or so until the kids would be out of school. I ended up getting the BEST IDEA EVER (BIE) and called up Jill to wrangle her into my scheme.

As soon as school got out, we drove over to Jilly's, grabbed her and her munchkins and we headed out to Onslow Beach here on base to get a look at the waves Earl was kicking up on his way into town.

Once we got down to the beach, I sadly found out I wasn't the only one with the BIE and that there were other people trolling the surf as well. There were even a few surfers hanging some "ten" a little ways down the beach.

We had one rule for the kids - NO, ABSOLUTELY NO, GOING IN THE WATER!

I mean, they drive me crazy but I've kinda grown used to the little monsters. I would hate for a horrible under tow to suck them into the deep blue yonder. (Shark Bait - ooh ah ah!)

Sadly, I never really said, 'Don't get your shorts wet... don't play in the sand...don't throw sand at your brother's head'.  Silly Momma!

Here's the kids with an awesome shot of a big ol' wave coming in...

Say 'cheese' Stacy!

The kids playing in the surf. There was neither a dry short or sand free head of hair to be found...

Jack and I checking out some beach action...

Look at that wave!!!!

Another shot of them roll'n on in...

Truthfully, I was kinda disappointed. With all the hype, I thought I'd see these monster 20 foot waves and all sorts of ocean vomit on the beach. But all we found was this confusing piece of up chuck. I'm assuming this water bottle had been in the ocean a while to get all those shells and barnacles all over it. was pretty rad to see!

A great shot of the waves and the cloud cover as Earl comes closer to North Carolina.

Finally before we headed out, we had the kids all pose at the life guard shack and get their picture taken. Gotta immortalize this day in Hammie history ya know!
On our way home from the beach, we noticed a police cruiser (MP) go flying by us on the road leading to the beach. We both commented on the fact that he was driving really fast when we became aware of a bunch of police lights a head of us at the intersection where you turn to head down to the ocean. As we roll to a stop,  me being nosey,  ask the MP what the dealio is? Come to find out, they're shutting off access to the beach and evacuating everyone that's there. Props to me for having my BIE early in the day and not waiting until later on to get a glimpse of the hurricane. Sucks for all the poor losers having to turn around and make that 20 minute trek back to main base!

So...I bet you're dying to know how Earl turned out. Well, seeing as I'm writing this almost a month later, (Hey! I've been busy! Which you'll learn more about shortly.) you probably already know. But for those of you that don't live down here in the armpit of the south, Earl was a big ol.....


Most of Earl's 'destruction' happened during the night and way off shore. In fact, we've had stronger thunderstorms here then what Earl was trying to impress us with. But with the whole 'Better safe than sorry' mind set of the base, they decided to delay school for 2 hours and shut base down until then as well. All it did was give me a good excuse to make my little monsters pancakes and send them to school on an ├╝ber full stomach and hopped up on butter syrup. Better they work off that high fructose corn syrup high there than here at home!

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