Sunday, September 12, 2010

We have touchdown on American Soil!

Today I am overly exhausted, mind numbingly excited, totally thankful and completely encircled with bittersweet emotions. Today my husband has finally found his way back to American soil. Thus ending his 7 month (although technically it was 9 months for us) deployment. Sadly we're still separated.
My hubby, as most of you know is HSAP. Which in military terms means, 'Health Services Augmentation Personal'. Basically, that means they yank my husband out of his current duty station and stick him where needed as far as deployments are concerned. So even though we're here in Camp Lejeune, NC there was a need for Nurses over there in CA with their Medical Battalions so that's where they sent him.

Unfortunately, I was unable to fly out to San Diego to see him in. But I had asked his sisters and Mom if they'd be able to make the trip. They live out in Phoenix Arizona and were more than happy to make that 6+ hour trip to see my man home.

If I couldn't of been there for him, I couldn't of asked for better substitutes. His sisters (Adrienne and Kyla) had a banner made and let their beautiful kiddies decorate it. His Mom, Judy made him Rigatoni along with tons of salad (because he is MR. HOTBOD now, ya know!) and garlic bread.

As soon as I found out any information regarding his homecoming, I would pass it on to them so they could make their plans. Luckily, they were able to book a suite in the same base hotel that Jon was staying in.  This made things so much easier for them and I felt so relieved to know that he wouldn't be by himself and had his family there to take care of him.

I love this picture of him and his Momma...

 Jon with his sister Adrienne and all his nieces and nephews (they're not all Adrienne's!)...

The whole family...

His nieces prepping the banner...

Jon will be home in hopefully less than 5 days. It's such a hard feeling knowing he's so close but yet, still so far away! At least he's back and will be in our arms in just a few short days.

Now...on to get myself beautiful for my man! I've got a few prep days that I plan to take full advantage of!

On a side note:

Thank you so much to Judy, Adrienne, Kyla and your families. It means the WORLD to me that you were able to put this together and be there for him with such short notice. I hope one day soon we can all celebrate together. Much love to you all!!!

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