Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't Squat on Yer Spurs!

Yeeehaawww Y'all!

It's time to get our Western on!

This month's OWC luncheon was all about celebrating the Wild, Wild West! And boy did we! Although it did take a little preparation for me to pull this one off. If you know me at all, you know I'm not the braid-wearing, cow riding, rootin'-tootin, cow girl type! But I was bound and determined to look the part so I tracked down a super cute plaid cowboy shirt (Target really does have everything!) and asked around for a cowboy hat and boots. Both Kiki and JennyBunny let me borrow a pair of boots and a hat (respectively) but unfortunately, neither fit.  Luckily, Jon and I had decided to hit Barnes & Noble about a day before the luncheon and right outside of the entrance, was a western-wear store. I was able to find this super cute cowboy hat for $20! Whoo! That with my tall brown (non-cowboy but eh...) boots and handkerchief, I was all set!

I giddy on by to JillyBeans house to saddle her up into the van and we're off in our covered wagon to a good ol' fashion!

We mosey on in and notice right away the 'Welcome to the OWC Corral' table with our name tags.  We arrived a little behind on time so as we get our name tags on, we listen to the 'rules' of this special ho-down.

But it was hard for Jilly and I to pay attention when this is calling our name....
 Our very own Margarita Station!  You can either get the real stuff or be a limp lizzard and opt for the non-alcoholic kind (Adam's Ale).You know Jilly and I were enjoying those real margaritas! Just like our sista cowgirls did back in the day....

Also before going in the main 'luncheon' room, there was a 'Diggin' fer Gold' station. Everyone got a turn to dig in and search for gold coins that would come in handy later.

Jilly diggin fer gold....

So...getting back to those 'rules' in which I mentioned earlier. Apparently, the organizers thought it be a real cow-licking good time to torture us poor cowpokes with a sick and twisted game meant to tongue tie, embarrass and cause general hysterics!
At each place setting was a set of coins. These coins were going to useful at the end of the luncheon by using them as money for an auction. But the trick was, you were able to 'acquire' more coins by catching others breaking these simple (HA!) rules...

1. Refer to yourself by your given Western name (located directly between your first and last name on your name tag).

My lovely Western name was....

Wait for it.....


Seriously? Halo?! Isn't that like a video game involving aliens and such? Please if ANYONE knows why HALO is related to anything Western, TELL ME!!!  I keep getting visions of the Master Chief plowing through the Covenant Elites while hearing Beyonce sing, "I can feel your Halo (Halo) (Halo)..."

But I digress....

Rule #2: You will refer to yourself in 3rd person along with anyone else you're talking to/about.

For example: "Howdy there Wisper (aka Jill)! Would Wisper kindly pass Halo some of that frisky salt-lick that my horses seem to love so much? Halo would like to put some in this dang-gom good chili here!"

Rule #3: No leg crossing. This includes ankles. (You'd be amazed on how hard that is when sitting in a chair. )

Rule #4: When getting up from the table, you have to say: 'Giddy Up'. When going to sit down, you much turn around in a circle 2 times before you actually do so. (For some reason, my turns always seemed to include a little 'cabbage patch' with 'em.)

Then there were a few other rules about what to call your kids (don't remember) and what to say when referring to a deployed spouse (suitcase cowboy, I believe - correct me if I'm wrong Jilly) and a few other odds-n-end that I ended up pretty much ignoring completely because those first few rules were hard enough to keep straight.

To clarify, follow the rules...catch others not following the rules, which in turns means they hand you over one of their coins...continue on until a cease fire is called.

At this point, the dinner bell has rung and we head to our tables...

Our table scape...A crock of Chili, salsa with corn chips and some homemade corn bread with honey butter.

A gift to take home...our very own bottle of Tabasco Sauce! Hot cha cha cha!!!!
So here we are yammering away at the table, trying DESPERATELY to follow the rules. Each of us referring to each other by our names and catching each other whenever we say "I", 'You', ect... At one point a few of us (including me) just finally gave up and shut their yap altogether. We were more scared then a chicken in the rain. Because at this rate, we were losing coins left and right.

One person, I have to say did this VERY well. I don't know if it was that Southern aspect to her or not but that Whisper (Jill) could pull off the speaking in the 3rd person with a southern accent like nobody's business. It was like lick'n butter off a knife. Let's just say, at one point I was censoring myself and just handing her my coins because she was calling me out left and right! 

At last, the dessert is served (Chocolate Mousse with strawberries on top) and it's time to tally up our coins. Jill ended up with over 40 coins at our table. Me? I had less than 15.

Prizes were given out for the person with the most coins. Which turned out to be kinda dumb because someone's birthday was that day and they gave them like 90 coins. So yeah, she won that one.

But then, they threw an auction and you could bid on various wears with the coins you had. Pretty much the only thing I could bid for was a scrap of old newspaper used to wipe bums with. So our table pooled our petty together and Jill ended up bidding on and winning a very pretty ceiling fan pull cord.

After that, we reckoned it was time to pony up and head on out to the bright blue yonder to our own Covered Wagons back West.

It was one Hog-killin' Good Time!

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  1. Shoot....that there sounds like a rip roaring time. Sorry to have missed it!

  2. It looks like you girlies had an awesome time! Now you can go buck-a-roo your cowboy! Yee-haw!

  3. LOL Amber!!! You guys looked ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!