Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ghost Tour in New Bern

Today after we visited the pumpkin patch and attended our nephew Cameron's soccer game, we all decided to head up to New Bern. I had been doing a little research on fun Halloween type activities that we could all do as a family. During my research, I stumbled across a carriage drawn Ghost Tour in New Bern and thought that would be an awesome day out with the whole family.

"Ghosts of New Bern Haunted Hayride in Downtown New Bern! - Ride a tractor-drawn hay wagon hear tales of the strange occurrences, unusual happenings and ghosts that haunt some of New Bern’s homes and buildings."

But first things first! Once we finally arrived in New Bern, we were all STARVING so we needed to find somewhere to eat. Lucky for us, our tour started right in front of Morgan's Tavern and Grill, so of course, that's where we decided to have our meal. It was a really wonderful dinner and the best part, it was beautiful outside so we were able to eat on the patio.

My beautiful Mama...

Cameron striking his best Zombie pose...

New Bern has all these bears scattered all over the town. Us Hammie's have decided that one day we're going to go on a scavenger hunt to find all of them (there are over 50!). Luckily we at least know where one is.
This guy was stationed right outside our tavern...

It was finally time to board our hay filled wagon and go on our haunted hay ride through New Bern. We were all given cozy blankets to keep us warm on our journey and everyone cozied up to one another, excited to hear about all the strange and unusual happenings that this town had to offer.

A few of the beautiful homes that we stopped at. Our guide was fantastic and all the kids were mesmerized as she told haunting tales of what may or may not really happened.

Jason and Justin really enjoyed listening to our tour guide. There were a few moments where I'd glance over to them to see their eyes, round as saucers, totally engrossed in the tale our guide was weaving.

 But Peyton was having none of it!

I loved this tour! I got to snuggle with all my favorite people!

A haunted restaurant, where you can stay over night if you'd like....

This house is famous for having a ghost appear in pictures. I think if I squint real hard, I can imagine there's one in ours...

We ended the tour here at this house and Jon and I decided it be the perfect place for a picture...

...and of course, a group shot!

After the tour was over, we decided that we wanted to go walk around a little bit and head back to the Old Church we saw that actually had a playground built over the cemetery. This church is awesome. The gates are always open and they have gravestones that are hundreds of years old. But the fact that a playground is built basically right in the graveyard, gives this church major kudos from me.

I wish I could of gotten a great picture of it, but by the time we got back there. It was so super dark that we didn't end up getting hardly any pictures at all of the graveyard.

And because we are a bunch of goofy girls, we decided to end the tour by getting our picture taken with one of the many grave markers.

It ended up being a perfect way to spend the day with the whole family and do some very fun-filled Halloween type activities. Jon and I can't wait to head back up there and spend the day with the kids, tracking down all those bears!

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  1. You mean "MOST" of your favorite people!
    Looks like SOOO much fun..

  2. Fun! I would have loved to do that!