Saturday, October 9, 2010

Headed to the farm with the Smith's!

This weekend, we headed on up to Fayetteville to visit with my bFff Erin and her family. This was the first time that Jon and Erin's husband, Perry have gotten to see each other since LAST Christmas. We were all finally back together again.

Stinking deployments!

But there would be no rest for us! We had a big weekend planned. Saturday, we were all up bright and early. We were heading on up to Gross Farms to check out the pumpkin patch, hit the corn maze and partake of some lovely farm themed fun!

Unfortunately for us, it did not feel like a very fall like day. In fact, the temps were in the high 80's and we were all dying from the heat!

Because of the heat, it almost looks like a pumpkin grave yard. Nothing like the lush, green pumpkin patches of Michigan.

Shortly after we arrived, we had to come up with a game plan on what everyone wanted to do first. It was determined that we should ease into things and take the hay ride first, maze second and then pumpkin picking last.

Us Hammie's doing what we do best...arguing over what to do first.

A view of our ride...

I have to say, it was great canoodling with everyone but this was seriously a boring hay ride. It could of been the heat or just the fact that the hay was poking my booty through my jeans. Either way, I was glad it was over!


My main Hammie with the smallest Hammie...

Just the two of us....

Once we exited the hay ride, there were these huge hay barrels that were dressed up as a spider and pumpkin. We of course had the kids pose in front of one of them to get a picture. And of course, it's my kids that are acting like the Simpsons, with Jack absolutely refusing to stand still and smile and Cassie doing her best to make him do it. What a little stinker he is!

But then, he goes and does this.....

I am so proud right now.
I can't help but love him.

Next to the picnic area is a huge play area for the kids. Complete with large wooden pirate ships, a wooden castle and this insane wall-less bounce house (that's the best way to describe it).

We let the kids blow off some steam there while us adults bought tons of water and some fried pickles to munch on. After that small break, it was time to tackle 'THE BEAST'.

When we bought our tickets for the corn maze, we were given this map.  Looks awesome right?
We must of been high as a kite to think we could do this whole maze!

According to the Gross Farms website:
Our 2010 maze consists of three puzzles containing almost 5 miles of winding pathways in a 15-acre field of corn, one of the largest in the the area.
Within each puzzle, there are checkpoints with a different shaped punch at each station. Guests track their progress through the maze by punching a card given to them at the entrance to the maze. Staff and maps are stationed throughout the maze to assist guests.
This year, we’ve stepped it up a notch and have added a new twist to the maze quest with FSI or Farm Scene Investigation.
Farmer Joe is missing. There was an accident, and it appears to be foul play. There are seven farm animal suspects that we need you to investigate. Collect the evidence to find the weapon, the suspect, and the location where the crime took place. You will find six location scenes within the corn maze. At each scene, you will find an animal, a weapon and a location to eliminate. Punch your card to keep track of your clues. But hurry. Help us solve the mystery and put the guilty farm animal behind bars and save Farmer Joe.

 Being the completely superior beings, we thought we could take on this bad boy of a maze - No problem!


It was hot.

It was dusty.

The kids were cranky.

The parents were cranky.

My butt crack was sweaty.

We were all dying of thirst after 15 minutes.

But we put up a good ol' fashion half-assed attempt to finish the maze.

Our men, leading the way. 

Help! The dried up corn maze has me trapped!!!!

Deciphering our next clue...

Uncle Perry and Cassie trying to figure out something really important...

It's a good thing it's Halloween time because I would hate to see this any other time of year.

 Like I said before, after about 15 minutes of this everyone had started to become a little cranky.

Jason having a good time...

Jack is LOVING this corn maze!

Does anyone else see vultures circling waiting for the rotting corpses of unsuspecting idiots?

All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR DREW! Erin's oldest was able to maneuver our way out of the hot corn maze of death, where we were finally free and clear! Relief was in sight! We all headed over the the vendors and each bought a case of water to guzzle down while Drew, Jason and Maddie headed back into the maze to complete the mission and figure out 'who dun it?"  Us pathetic adults and the rest of the whiny kids dragged ourselves over to the covered picnic area to drink our water and chill out. The other kids decided to play a little more at the playgrounds.

Sitting in the pavilions, killing some time, being silly. (I do believe Erin has a similar picture?)

Off to the side was a little barn that sold homemade jellies, jams and the like. Of course E and I had to go check it out. And lookie what we found.....

Moonshine Jelly?!! I would of bought some to try except that the last time I had any moonshine I wanted to vomit and not because I drank too much. Because that is SERIOUSLY nasty stuff. Totally gag me with a spoon!
On the outside of this little barn filled with homemade goodness, was already picked pumpkins. But what caught my eye was all the WHITE pumpkins. So you KNOW I had to have one!

Looking for the right one to take home...

Found it!

After all the kids got back from the maze, I let them go pick out some little pumpkins to take home....

The perfect lil' pumpkin.

....while Erin took her girls inside the pumpkin patch to get a pic.

All in all, it was a good way to spend the day with our bFff's. We went home that night and grilled steaks, shrimp and had a lot to drink! It was a perfect weekend, even if we were all hot, tired and sweaty. It didn't matter. We were just happy to be there spending time with each other! I can't wait for us to do it again.

Miss you guys!

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  1. How awesome! It looks like you had an awesome time together!!!!! Yah for such great friends!

    I LOVED that maze! How awesome is that!!!!!!

  2. Looks like loads of fun but that was one sad looking pumpkin patch! Too bad it was so hot. But that is one Perfect little pumpkin!