Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's time to carve the pumpkins!

This is going to be a very special post. Today, I'm having my husband relate the story of how all us Hammie's and Wilburs carved up our Halloween pumpkins.

You see, while they were all doing that I was in the the master bathroom with Cassie getting her ready for Homecoming (which will be another post later on...) so, while I was in there with her, Jon was outside snapping pics of all the kids hacking away at their pumpkins. So I find it only fitting that he be the one to tell all our friends and family how it all went down.....

Take it away babe!

The bane of most parents existence during halloween is the dreaded pumpkin carving. Now there is a reprieve from this and it is when your kids finally reach the age where they can do all the carving themselves. The Hammies have now arrived at this golden age! Jack and Jason can both actually draw and carve their own designs in their pumpkins! What a glorious day! It is only fair to mention our daughter Cassie had no time for pumpkin carving, she was overfilled with teenage angst. Nicole and Cory along with the rest of the Wilbur clan came over for this good old fashioned fun.
Here you can see the obviously master talent that comes with being 6 years old. Jackson has no problems carving his diabolical face into his orange cucurbita canvas. His technique, however effective, is very time consuming.
Jason and Cameron taking a moment to enjoy all the fun associated with pumpkin guts. Another point to be made, our kids are old enough to clean their own pumpkins, again, a glorious day!

Justin in disbelief that all of "that" came out of something so small. Notice the Michigan shirt. Go Blue!

Now, one may question what attire should be worn when carving pumpkins. Some will say that a t-shirt or apron would be appropriate. Nicole is adamant that if it's good enough for an evening of fine dining, then it is definitely propriety for carving pumpkins.

The kids couldn't monopolize all of the fun, Cory had to get in on the action with some elegant artwork.

Nothing can be said.

Jason putting the final touches on his Picaso, or Van Gough, or maybe it is a Mondrian? Either way, job well done Jason!

A few hours later we had several pumpkins carved, guts everywhere, Cory's pants were pulled up, and Nicole collected about 2.5 million pumpkin seeds to bake and eat. It was almost painless, and totally enjoyable. Halloween has come and gone this year, we now wait patiently for next year!

Stay safe. Keep your door boarded up. I'm out!
- Jon

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  1. LMAO! Hilarious and so true! We also reached said milestone this year! WHEW! Loving the "Say No to Crack" pic! Priceless!