Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can I have a spot o' tea with that?

"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. ~Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady"

My Mom & and I have had a long time love affair with tea. There have been many nights that we've spent together enjoying a nice cuppa tea, while watching a movie, playing cards or just chilling out with each other. In fact, I can remember making my Mom tea since the time I was little. It's always just been one of those things that I enjoy doing for her and enjoy sharing with my Mama.

I have to say that the perfect tea experience for me is sitting with Mom (at their house of course) drinking tea and eating Christmas Crescent Cookies while watching White Christmas. I can't wait to do that this Christmas!

So when my folks let us girls (my sister and I) know that they were coming down for a visit, I immediately decided that Mom and I would travel down to Wilmington to have a girls day and dine at the Wilmington Tea House.

"Enjoy superb tea in coastal elegance at The Wilmington Tea Room.  We celebrate the art of taking tea in grand style everyday.  Whether you are stepping in for a quick pot of tea and a scone, meeting friends for lunch, or planning a special celebration, it will be a memorable occasion as you and your guests enjoy the ambiance of elegance and relaxation.
The tea selection includes only the highest quality imported leaves; black, red, green, and white teas, herbal and fruit teas, as well as the popular chai tea.  Both the tea connoisseur and the novice are sure to find their perfect tea."

The Tea House is this pretty little restaurant that sits right on the river in downtown Wilmington. In fact, I learned of this tea house when Jon and I had our romantic weekend at the beginning of the month and knew that this would be something both Mom and I would really appreciate!

The atmosphere of the Tea House is very relaxed. In fact, we were the only diners (it was a Tuesday afternoon after all) for most of our experience there. You could tell that everything in this restaurant screamed small business. It really reminded me of Two Peas in a Pot (the ceramic studio I used to work at, which sadly is closed now), except it didn't smell like bisque, glaze and a kiln firing. It smelled of salt water and herbal teas.

We were greeted right away and taken to a lovely table. Already at our table were beautiful tea settings....

My Mom place setting....

My place setting...

Our waitress was very helpful and explained the whole take on the situation, leading Mom and I to agree to order the 'Full Tea'. We enjoyed a lovely salad while they prepared our tea. Mom ended up ordering the India Mocha Chai, which is a 'full bodied ea with mellow spice and overtones of mocha'. I myself ordered the White Chocolate Mousse, a 'flavorful tea with delicious shavings of real white chocolate." Yum oh yum oh yum!!! Can you believe those are actual names of TEA?! We both ended up drinking each pot dry!
Our teapots with our amazing tea.....

When our food arrived, Mom and I were giddy with anticipation! We got to enjoy assorted desserts, like macaroons, white chocolate raspberry bars, chocolate chip fudge brownies. And that was just the TOP layer of our 3 tiered smorgasbord of culinary delights! The middle plate held our tea sandwiches. There was a delightful chicken salad served on a marbled bread, a creamed ham served on cinnamon raisin bread (sounds weird but OH GOOD LORD was it GOOD!). We also sampled the tradition cucumber tea sandwich and a tomato basil sandwich.

My beautiful Mama with the goodies...

A shot of me with our lunch...
This seriously does not look like a lot, but by the time we were done we could barely waddle out of there!

The final layer of this deliciousness was our scone layer. We each got to enjoy two small scones. One was a plain traditional scone, the other was either a cranberry or raspberry scone. But the best part was that they were served with a side of Devonshire cream and a raspberry jam. It took all our willpower not to fight over the Devonshire cream and lick the bowl clean!

It turned out to be the perfect ending to a Mommy-Daughter day out.  It's something that I'm hoping each of us will always remember and look back on fondly. After all, what's a better way to have some one on one bonding time with your mom, then over a cuppa tea?


"There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea." ~Bernard-Paul Heroux

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  1. Love this post!! This is a place I would love to take Bella in a few years. Lovely job Stacy!!

  2. Thanks Sarah! They also do a children's tea. You should look into it!

  3. Yummy! I want to do this! But it doesn't look like allot of food.