Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday Cassie!


I have mentioned before that I usually try to let the kids have a big birthday celebration every other year for their birthday. Jason's turn was this year so for Cass, it was gonna be a nice, easy birthday!

A few minutes before she was due to catch the bus in the morning for school, I let her open her presents from us.
First was a Hello Kitty Thermal Coffee Tumbler. She's just like her Mama and has come to taking coffee to school with her in the morning.
Opening the next gift...
"What the...?"

Pink RAINBOWS!!!!! 
I also packed her a special lunch for school. I bought her some Japanese snacks that she loves and snuck 'em in her lunch along with a little love note wishing her Happy Birthday!

For Cassie's birthday dinner, she wanted to go to Hooters (for the wings) but since Daddy had to work until 7:30 that night, I asked her if there's something else we could make her and we'll go to Hooters the next day. She decided that she wanted Chick-fil-A for her birthday dinner. That girl is ALWAYS asking to go there and normally we don't because the boys NEVER eat what we order for them there (added to the fact that it's fast food- blech!) but it's HER special day so I told the boys to suck it up because Cassie was getting her Chicken Sandwich. I even let her order a milk shake. That's how cool a Mom I am!
Cass and I on our way to Chick-Fil-A...
After we got back home, we decided we'd let her open up the rest of the gifts that have been coming in. Here's what she got:

Birthday Cash from her Grandpa Bill, my friend Tara and Grandma Judy.

Then I let her open up her gift from her Dad that he sent from Hawaii...

$200 in Visa Check Cards!!!
Someone is super excited!

Finally it was time to open up her gift from my folks...

Aww...it's so cute!

Awesome shirt!

What the heck?! This girl is soooooo spoiled! 
A Dooney and Bourke handbag!!!
Lucky girl!

After all the hoopla of opening gifts was over, we waited patiently for Daddy to get home so we could bust into Birthday Cake! This year, Cassie wanted an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. I swear, when I went in I told them it was for a 15 year old teenage girl.

This is what I get when I picked it up!
Looks a little more appropriate for an eight year old...but whatever! It's ice cream! It's cake! It's going in my belly. That's all that matters!!!!
Getting ready to blow out her candle!

Make a wish and let 'er rip sis!!!!

Fast forward a couple of days and we finally make our way to Hooters (geesh!) to celebrate turning the big 1-5! Because we're such AWESOME parents, we let her bring her boysfriend (ugh) and one of her friends (Alyssa).
Cody, Cassie and Alyssa...
We all started out with two orders of fried pickles. Mmmm....sooooooo good and so bad all at the same time.
The teenagers wanted wings (obviously, which is why we're at HOOTERS!) so they order a big batch of them. I believe the flavor was HOT and THERMAL NUCLEAR!

Thermal Nuclear Wings (in other words - this will BURN later....)

Cody went to town on those uber hot ones while the girls stayed more to the safe side with the hot ones.
The teenagers pigging out...

Cass with buffalo sauce all over her hands....
Alyssa chowing down! This girl was INSANE! She had it on her hands and all over her face. I'm thinking they should of brought us a bib for this crazy chick!
And just to embarrass our daughter to the extreme, we arranged for our waitress to do a little something 'extra' to celebrate her birthday.....

(Don't forget to stop my music player at the bottom of the page so you can enjoy the vid!)

In case it's hard to tell on the video, the Hooter's girls had Cassie (along with two other pathetic souls) stand on a chair. She had to put two snow cone cups to her mouth and hoot like an owl! I know she just LOVES us for making her do this.

Finally, it was time to head home but the girls wanted to buy t-shirts and get a picture with our waitress. I'm surprised Cody didn't wanna get in on that action.
I'm thinking for not throwing her a big ol' bash for her birthday this year, she still had a pretty awesome celebration!

But be wary my friends....next year she turns 16!

God help us all!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Weekend - Jason's 9th Birthday!

Jason's birthday also happened to fall on Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully most of you remember my blog about celebrating in Myrtle Beach towards the beginning of the month. But of course, on your actual birthday you still want it to be special.

So as soon as he got up, had breakfast and got dressed we let him open his birthday presents.

The Birthday Boy!

His gift from Aunt Nicole and Uncle Cory! Gift card to Toys R Us! Whoohooooo!

Moving on to the next gifts....this time from Grandma and Papa.


They got him the Razor Sole Skate and helmet!

We decided to let Jon wear the helmet since he was already having issue protecting his head....
He's special. What can I say?

Next...his present from Mom & Dad!

A DSi XL!!!!!

Look at that face! He's sooooooo happy!

Jon and Jack wanting to see the new DS. (Jack is secretly hoping Jason will give him his old DS - and because Jason is such a good brother - he did give it to him! )

As one of Jason special requests, he asked for me to make him his favorite dinner. Nope, not pizza or chicken nuggets. Not even pancakes....He wanted me to make him Thai Chicken Salad.  Man, I love that my kids eat weird stuff like this! I so love making it for them!!!

I got the recipe from Pampered Chef's '29 minutes to Dinner 2' cookbook. It's actually called 'Crunchy Curried Chicken Salad'.  I'm not sure why we started calling it Thai Chicken Salad, lol! If you'd like the recipe, go here----> Try it! You'll like it!

Starting my prep work for his birthday dinner by toasting some coconut....

Slaving away for my birthday boy!
Jon picture sniping us....

Perry decided to get in on the fun by fashioning a tin tooth and donning my ultra hip shades. He's gangsta yo!

The finished product!
We had also planned on making him his very own cookie cake. But as we are a bunch of doorknobs, we forgot to add one thing to the stone to keep the cookie from spilling over - parchment paper! The whole cookie cake bubbled over and spilled all over the inside of Erin's oven! There was sooooo much smoke coming from it, I think we were a little scared that the fire detectors were going to go off and alert the fire department. That would of been an awesome way to celebrate Jason's birthday! (Not so much, lol) But lucky for us - we had a back up plan. Earlier in the day we had picked up marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to make smores over the fire pit that night! So we used those to celebrate Jason's birthday!
The birthday boy roasting his birthday marshmallow....

Nothing goes better with smore's and a fire pit than a big ol' glass of wine...YUM!

It was a great way to kick back and finish up Jason's 9th birthday!

Happy Birthday buddy!!! Next year, it's DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Weekend - Card making!!

Most of you all know that I love to make homemade cards as one of my hobbies. Erin actually got me started in all of it and it evolved to a group hobby when Jill and Gia also let us know they loved to make cards as well. We've been lucky to get together a few time (the group of us) before Erin and Gia decided to up and leave us. Whenever Erin or I visit each other, we make sure to bring our card supplies so we can have a day where we can knock a few out. Some of my favorite memories involve Erin and I, making cards, drinking a few bottles of wine and devouring a bag of caramel filled Hersey Kisses. I'd be lucky to get one or two cards made during those times but I think that's perfectly ok! I was more than happy to be spending time laughing and being silly.

So of course when we decided that we'd be heading up there for Thanksgiving, I brought my card supplies. The day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday!) we had declared 'Card Making Day'. We set up tables in her 'office' and laid out all our supplies!

We got started around 10:30am, and while we were busy bees, the men (plus Carly) headed out to town to hit up Lowes for some Christmas lights.

Unfortunately, we hit a snag in our card making when we realized that we really didn't have very many holiday themed stamps. But then, we had the BRILLANT idea to text our husbands and see (jokingly) if they'd stop off at Michaels and pick us up some stamps.

Now seriously, what manly husband would do such a thing? Can you imagine two guys, sharply dressed walking into Michael's with an 8 year old girl? In the words of Perry - that just screams 'Gay sitcom Comedy'!

Imagine our surprise when we get a text from Perry and Jon asking us what kind of stamps to buy! And then we got sent a picture of Carly holding up a few different stamps for our browsing options!

You gotta love those guys! What good husbands we have!!!!

After that, Erin and I decided to test our luck and see if it'd be asking too much to stop at Starbucks for some coffee.

In a word - YES!

Erin and I were dying! Seriously, wouldn't it of been easier for a pair of guys to hit up the 'bux than Michaels? But oh well! We were just super happy to finally have some holiday stamps to play around with.

Gotta love those men!

On a side note: Our cardmaking counterparts (Gia and Jill) were also spending their Thanksgiving weekend together. So Erin and I took a few pictures of us making cards to let them know we missed them!

We ended up spending most of the day making a big mess out of her 'office'. Sadly, as par for the course, I only ended up finishing 3 cards in that time frame! What can I say? I might be slow but my cards are stinking cute!!!!!

So which one of my friends will be getting these holiday cards? Guess you'll have to wait and see!

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