Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leaves are falling....

Autumn in NC seems to be on a delayed schedule. At least to this Midwest girl. Growing up in Michigan, leaves would start to turn starting in September and by the end of October, the trees would be bare. For us in NC, it wasn't until this month that all the leaves decided to give up the good fight and finally change colors and slowly make their way to everyone's yards, gutters and roadways.

As a kid, I always remember Dad raking our yard full of leaves and then us kids jumping into the huge piles that were made. So when I noticed the massive amounts of dead leaves littering my yard, I knew it was time to grab a rake and start making piles.

But what I also remember as a kid, was making mazes out of the leaves. A bunch of us neighborhood kids would pick one of our yards and we'd spend hours designing theses mazes/floor layouts that we would then spend the rest of the day playing in. So while Jon and the boys were busy raking up large piles, I had started planning out the maze.

I started out with some grandiose plans. I was going to make this huge maze full of twists and turns. But as the sun started to fade, out came the Mosquitoes!!!  Seriously! It's the end of November! WHY???  Those little buggers cut our outdoor fun down and I had to make some major changes and my huge, mysterious maze became a small, little maze with walls that went nowhere and dead ends that didn't make any sense, but the boys fixed that by jumping over the 'walls' and finding their own way out.

Let's just say the day was fantastic and the boys got a big hoot out of my maze.

The downside: We all came in with bites up and down our arms and I was lucky enough to have one on my forehead. Awesome.

Enjoy a few random shots of our family outdoor fun....

Jason after taking a flying leap into the pile....

Where's Jack?

I love Fall!!

 Next year we decided we're going to make a big "M" out in the yard for Michigan! Go Blue!

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