Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Weekend - Card making!!

Most of you all know that I love to make homemade cards as one of my hobbies. Erin actually got me started in all of it and it evolved to a group hobby when Jill and Gia also let us know they loved to make cards as well. We've been lucky to get together a few time (the group of us) before Erin and Gia decided to up and leave us. Whenever Erin or I visit each other, we make sure to bring our card supplies so we can have a day where we can knock a few out. Some of my favorite memories involve Erin and I, making cards, drinking a few bottles of wine and devouring a bag of caramel filled Hersey Kisses. I'd be lucky to get one or two cards made during those times but I think that's perfectly ok! I was more than happy to be spending time laughing and being silly.

So of course when we decided that we'd be heading up there for Thanksgiving, I brought my card supplies. The day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday!) we had declared 'Card Making Day'. We set up tables in her 'office' and laid out all our supplies!

We got started around 10:30am, and while we were busy bees, the men (plus Carly) headed out to town to hit up Lowes for some Christmas lights.

Unfortunately, we hit a snag in our card making when we realized that we really didn't have very many holiday themed stamps. But then, we had the BRILLANT idea to text our husbands and see (jokingly) if they'd stop off at Michaels and pick us up some stamps.

Now seriously, what manly husband would do such a thing? Can you imagine two guys, sharply dressed walking into Michael's with an 8 year old girl? In the words of Perry - that just screams 'Gay sitcom Comedy'!

Imagine our surprise when we get a text from Perry and Jon asking us what kind of stamps to buy! And then we got sent a picture of Carly holding up a few different stamps for our browsing options!

You gotta love those guys! What good husbands we have!!!!

After that, Erin and I decided to test our luck and see if it'd be asking too much to stop at Starbucks for some coffee.

In a word - YES!

Erin and I were dying! Seriously, wouldn't it of been easier for a pair of guys to hit up the 'bux than Michaels? But oh well! We were just super happy to finally have some holiday stamps to play around with.

Gotta love those men!

On a side note: Our cardmaking counterparts (Gia and Jill) were also spending their Thanksgiving weekend together. So Erin and I took a few pictures of us making cards to let them know we missed them!

We ended up spending most of the day making a big mess out of her 'office'. Sadly, as par for the course, I only ended up finishing 3 cards in that time frame! What can I say? I might be slow but my cards are stinking cute!!!!!

So which one of my friends will be getting these holiday cards? Guess you'll have to wait and see!

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  1. Awwww, I love the fact that you guys were thinking of us while making cards. I so desperately need to make some - totally out of everything! And I can't wait to get my stinkin cute card from you!