Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Weekend- Day 1 (Drama and Furry Walls)

Thanksgiving these last few years have been spent at my parents house in Michigan. But while Jon was deployed earlier this year, he had mentioned to me how much he'd like to be able to spend Christmas in Michigan again. It had been a few years since we've been there for Christmas and he was really wanting to have that experience again and be with my family. So we decided to stay home in NC. This is when Erin brought up the excellent idea of having Turkey Day at her home in Fayetteville with her and her family!

It was on like Donkey Kong!!!

A few weeks prior to Thanksgiving, Erin and I had a lovely Skype conversation (and if you don't know what skype is - check it out here----> SKYPE. It's an awesome tool to use, especially for us Military folk who want to stay in contact with our men and women overseas.)  We talked about what we usually made for Thanksgiving and then we incorporated what she usually made and what I usually made and came up with our very own Smith-Hammie Thanksgiving Menu!

Smith-Hammie Thanksgiving Day Menu

Turkey (of course)
Mashed pototoes and gravy
Sweet Potatoe Casserole
Stuffing with cherries, apriocots and other delish goodness
Corn Casserole
Green Beans with bacon
Stuffed Celery with cream cheese
Cream Cheese ball with crackers
Pumpkin Pie
Lots of wine and beer

Our goal was to get up early on Wednesday and get there early afternoon. But the universe is funny and decided to change up our plans a bit.

Most of you know that Jon has had corrective eye surgery to fix his vision a few weeks ago. But what you may not know is that there is two kinds of surgery you can have. The first is Lasiks, which is what most people get. Much shorter recovery time. But the second kind is call PRK. Jon opted for the PRK apparently because if he ever wants to go to 'Jump School' he'll be able to do so. If you have Lasik's they won't accept you since your eyes have a chance of having the flap that they slice open to repair your eye to reopen. Makes ya kinda cringe, doesn't it? I guess with the PRK, the recovery is worse but it's better for your eyes. Here's a nice comparison site to look at if you're so inclined---->  Glad it's not me!

Well, long story short as we were packing up Tuesday evening, Jon decided it'd be uber fun to literally try and poke his eye out. So off to the ER we go. Again....See, this isn't the first ER trip to be made because of his eyes. The first time was on the day of his surgery. One of his bandage contacts came out (which looks just like a normal contact, not a band-aid. Go figure!) But at this time, he was no longer wearing the bandage contacts since his eyes were healing up very nicely. Come to find out, he not only poked himself a good one, but he actually scraped up part of his eye tissue like an accordion. NASTY!

Here's where the funny comes in. The triage nurse took one look at him and decided he was a hot piece of meat and started flirting with him and doing that giggle laugh thing where they lean over and touch your arm. She found out he was a RN for the hospital ICU and she immediately got on the phone and put him to the top of the list all the while acting like she was this seriously hot piece of tail. All while I was sitting RIGHT THERE WITH HIM! If it wasn't for the fact that:

A. Jon could completely care less considering the amount of pain he was in


B. She got him right in, thus not making us sit out in the waiting room...

I would of opened up a can of whoop ass on her leatherd skin, boney butt, nappy hair, trying to act all 'that' self!

Ok, who am I kidding. I probably would of wrote a strongly worded letter...anonymously.

But I digress....

So back to square one with Jon and his eye. He did a good amount of damage to himself and his bandage contact had to go back in. He had a follow up appointment that next morning where they examined his eye more and gave him different medicated drops and basically said not to use his eye as much as possible.

Jon was out of commission for the next few days. Poor guy!

I then had a dentist appointment that I COULD NOT cancel. (I would tell you the story about how I got kicked out of my last dentist but that'd be way too embarrassing, thus why I could not cancel this appointment.)

Finally - FINALLY we are on our way up to Erin's house. The thought of lots of wine, bean dip and a fire pit are making me put the peddle to the metal to get our booties up that way as fast as possible!

Jack, Cassie and Liz as we head up to Erin's.....

We got there around 2:30 and it was soooooo good to finally be there! Erin had made some sort of mexican chili and we had bean dip and wine out by the fire pit that night. It was HEAVEN!!!

When we finally came in, the kids were put upstairs to settle in, watch a movie or play some video games while us grown ups put in a movie.

If you have never seen 'Get him to the Greek', YOU NEED TO!

I cannot remember laughing as much as I did with a movie in a loooooooong time! So many funny moments:
"I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!"

'When the world slips you a Jeffery, stroke the furry wall."

I have to admit, I now have a bit of a crush on Russel Brand. YUM-O!

There are so many hilarious moments and funny quotes from this movie but as I was looking them up, I realized that I could not put hardly ANY up! So if you are going to watch this, make sure there are NO KIDDIES around. At all! So not child friendly but I'm telling you - you will laugh your back end off!

Tomorrow is Turkey Day! Stay tuned.....

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