Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Weekend - Jason's 9th Birthday!

Jason's birthday also happened to fall on Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully most of you remember my blog about celebrating in Myrtle Beach towards the beginning of the month. But of course, on your actual birthday you still want it to be special.

So as soon as he got up, had breakfast and got dressed we let him open his birthday presents.

The Birthday Boy!

His gift from Aunt Nicole and Uncle Cory! Gift card to Toys R Us! Whoohooooo!

Moving on to the next gifts....this time from Grandma and Papa.


They got him the Razor Sole Skate and helmet!

We decided to let Jon wear the helmet since he was already having issue protecting his head....
He's special. What can I say?

Next...his present from Mom & Dad!

A DSi XL!!!!!

Look at that face! He's sooooooo happy!

Jon and Jack wanting to see the new DS. (Jack is secretly hoping Jason will give him his old DS - and because Jason is such a good brother - he did give it to him! )

As one of Jason special requests, he asked for me to make him his favorite dinner. Nope, not pizza or chicken nuggets. Not even pancakes....He wanted me to make him Thai Chicken Salad.  Man, I love that my kids eat weird stuff like this! I so love making it for them!!!

I got the recipe from Pampered Chef's '29 minutes to Dinner 2' cookbook. It's actually called 'Crunchy Curried Chicken Salad'.  I'm not sure why we started calling it Thai Chicken Salad, lol! If you'd like the recipe, go here----> Try it! You'll like it!

Starting my prep work for his birthday dinner by toasting some coconut....

Slaving away for my birthday boy!
Jon picture sniping us....

Perry decided to get in on the fun by fashioning a tin tooth and donning my ultra hip shades. He's gangsta yo!

The finished product!
We had also planned on making him his very own cookie cake. But as we are a bunch of doorknobs, we forgot to add one thing to the stone to keep the cookie from spilling over - parchment paper! The whole cookie cake bubbled over and spilled all over the inside of Erin's oven! There was sooooo much smoke coming from it, I think we were a little scared that the fire detectors were going to go off and alert the fire department. That would of been an awesome way to celebrate Jason's birthday! (Not so much, lol) But lucky for us - we had a back up plan. Earlier in the day we had picked up marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to make smores over the fire pit that night! So we used those to celebrate Jason's birthday!
The birthday boy roasting his birthday marshmallow....

Nothing goes better with smore's and a fire pit than a big ol' glass of wine...YUM!

It was a great way to kick back and finish up Jason's 9th birthday!

Happy Birthday buddy!!! Next year, it's DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!

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